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    Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

    In the age of zero waste, consider equipping yourself with storage boxes!

    Everyone talks about it, let's be careful about our consumption and reduce our waste. But to do this, we will have to equip a minimum especially in the kitchen. Plastic packaging is removed and pasta, rice and other cereals are transferred to nice containers that are carefully stored in cupboards or displayed on the kitchen worktop. From Betty Boop to Titi, you'll definitely find the perfect box for your home on the toons shop!

    The box in all its forms.

    For the more classic, there are rectangular or square boxes. Always elegant, with straight lines, they are easy to use, order and clean, but also perfect for optimizing storage.

    The round box seems more charming and engaging, it often contains treasures like candy (yes, if you think about it, the candy box is often round!). The most coquettish record in the round box of sumptuous jewels, the box then takes the noble name of case.

    The favorite box of romantics will be, you will understand it in the shape of a heart. This box like a memory box contains the prettiest words of love of your loved ones and the most precious sentimental objects.

    When it comes to boxes, are you more metal, pvc, ceramics, porcelain...?

    On the toons shop, there is something for everyone: it all depends on the use we make of the box of course!

    The metal box is a must: practical, trendy and light, it can be found in every room of the house from the kitchen to the bathroom through the bedroom, the laundry room or the living room. It can store food, it serves as a sewing box or a medicine box, it can receive clothespins, collect jewelry or store recipe sheets!

    The pvc box is perfect for storing and/or transporting children's snacks. Waterproof, light, unbreakable, it is easy to clean and within reach of small hands.

    The cardboard box will easily be found in a room or entrance. Practical for dropping off a set of keys or a few trinkets without fixed storage, it often takes part in decorating a room.

    More fragile, the ceramic box is nevertheless more stylish. It brings a more refined touch to a home. It often shines with its original design and neat décor. When it's small, it can contain a few treasures like your children's milk teeth, the bigger it has an effect on the kitchen's worktop by keeping coarse salt, for example.

    Why is the company so successful today?

    An indispensable storage tool or a purely decorative object, the box is part of our daily life. Practical, playful, trendy, the box has no limits, it lends itself to infinite uses. She can be found in every room of the house, in the office, she also invites herself into the car. It not only allows you to store but also to carry various objects such as handkerchiefs, small office supplies, hardware, mail or good items... And because we can't get enough of it, come quickly to choose your next tea box or coffee on our internet shop!