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Showing 1 - 48 of 114 items

Personalised handbags for every person in the family!


Are you looking for a handbag? Thankfully, we're sure you can easily find your happiness! But first of all, we'll tell you all about the different handbags we sell. Ready to learn more? So here we go!


Handbags from different brands!


In our online store, you can easily find handbags from different brands. Indeed, we have any product list that should definitely fill you:


  • American Chopper.
  • Barbie.
  • Betty Boop.
  • Minnie
  • New York Yankees.


Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list. You can easily browse our website to find the maque that suits you the most. Indeed, we are sure that one of the dens will be perfect for you.


It's also worth noting that you'll be able to easily see the different models we offer when you click on the brand you're most interested in. Of course, it is possible to find something for all tastes: it is possible to opt for a Barbie handbag, for your little girl, for example. But if you also want to buy one, it is possible to opt for a brand like Ettave-Hello, for example.


Handbags slung over the shoulder for a more practical side!


You don't really know what kind of handbag you want? Thankfully, we can offer you handbags on the shoulder. These are rather practical since a simple thong passes through your body at the torso, but also the back. Here are some of the advantages you can have by opting for a shoulder bag:


  • You will have no risk of losing your bag. Indeed, the latter will be perfectly attached to you and will not be able to be set aside. Also note that you can perfectly adjust your shoulder strap to adjust it as you see fit.
  • You'll be really free to move. Indeed, you can easily look at the different elements that are in a radius, for example. Note also that the shoulder bag allows you to be able to phone while having another hand. You will be really free, which is a considerable advantage nonetheless.
  • The shoulder bag is adjustable, as we were able to say in the previous part. It is therefore important to note that the latter will be able to adjust according to your needs and desires.


As you can see, it is perfectly possible to choose a shoulder bag if you want to be completely free of your movements. It has many advantages that are not insignificant.


Handbags that carry on the shoulder for a real girly side!


Want to have a bag that's really girly? Want to choose a handbag that is worn over your shoulder? You can easily find your happiness in our online shop. We are sure that different colors and patterns will please you. There's something for everyone. Nevertheless, there are some advantages that should not be overlooked:


  • It's a must-have bag that all women own. Indeed, it really helps to put all the elements that a woman may need throughout the day.
  • There are different bags that are held on the shoulder. Indeed, you can find smaller and larger ones. But don't panic, within our online store, you will have a wide choice.
  • The handbag on the shoulder can be paired with any outfit. Indeed, you can easily harmonize the latter with a dress or coat, for example.


As you can see, the handbag is truly a must-have item for all women. Don't hesitate to take a look in the different categories.


Handbags of different sizes so everyone can find their way around!


As we mentioned in this article, we offer bags of different sizes. You can choose the latter according to your needs, but also your desires. Whether you need a gym bag or rather a bag to get out, anything is possible within our shop. Don't hesitate to spend the time it will take to find the bag of your dreams!


Why have a handbag?


As you should surely know, there are many advantages to having a handbag. So that you can easily read it, we've made a small list of these:


  • Appearance: Indeed, a bag really allows you to finish an outfit. You can easily opt for a pattern, color or material depending on the final rendering you want to give to your outfit.
  • Sustainability: Indeed, a handbag, depending on how it is made can really withstand many elements.
  • You can easily put everything you need into your handbag. Whether it's the wallet, the phone or the documents you need, anything is possible.
  • The handbag can be carried by a man, by a woman, but also by a child. In our online store, you can really find some for the whole family, which is a huge advantage.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a handbag, we certainly have what you need. Indeed, you will certainly find a model that could match you. Don't hesitate to go around the categories, your favorite is certainly hidden in one of the categories!