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Leather goods 

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Showing 1 - 36 of 106 items

Leather products, be it belts, wallets, shoes or bags, will always remain classic. Many people prefer them not only for their refined appeal, but also for their versatility and longevity. But leather is available in a variety of colors and textures, and it is sometimes difficult for an inexperienced eye to tell the difference.

If you've always been fascinated by leather goods, but don't know where to start, this section is for you. Here you will see great reasons to buy leather items just as you will know the different criteria to take into account before buying any leather accessory. And towards the end of this article, you'll know how to take care of your leather products.


Why should you opt for leather products?


We are all looking for accessories that will last a long time and have good value for money. Leather is a durable material made from tanned skins of animals, mainly cattle. The material is strong enough to withstand wear. When the leather is treated, a light layer of surface prevents the material from getting dirty and staining.

Other forms of treatment such as pigmentation guarantee the durability of leather. A polymer coating with pigments improves the appearance and strength of the leather. Leather bags, wallets and other accessories complete your look by adding a touch of style. Here are 7 key reasons why you should try leather products.


Great sustainability

High-quality leather wallets last a long time compared to other materials. Leather goes through a tanning and processing process to ensure maximum strength and durability.


Leather is elegant

Whether it's natural or dyed, it will always add quality to your style. For example, if you have an official meeting, accessorize your look with leather briefcases for a glamorous touch while remaining professional. Plus, you'll have an accessory that's both useful and fashionable.


Leather is natural

Eliminate the effects of synthetic fibers by using fabulous fabric for your everyday look. The natural look is elegant and never goes out of style.


Leather is timeless

The material represents strength and confidence in you. Try leather briefcases for corporate events or a fashion leather handbag for a simple yet chic look.


Excellent resistance

This sturdy fabric is weatherproof. Real leather does not peel off or crack, and this feature increases durability. It resists abrasion. Compared to other materials, it is unlikely to find mites in leather accessories.


A variety of leather products for various occasions

Leather is customized in different colours, textures and styles. Different forms of leather accessories are suitable for different occasions. For example, a pigmented leather briefcase is suitable for formal meetings, while colorful leather wallets are suitable for outdoor activities or casual appointments. You should be able to choose from the many styles of leather depending on the occasion.


A simple interview

The lightweight surface layer ensures that the material does not stain. Compared to other materials such as cotton and linen, leather requires little attention. Regular sponge and polishing are enough to maintain the natural look of your leather handbag.


The right criteria to consider when choosing leather accessories


Fine leather products are not cheap. But with so many options in the leather goods market, how do you make a choice? We invite you to consider the following essential criteria so that your purchase of leather product is done without too much headache.



Choose accessories that will meet your storage and efficiency requirements, whether it's a handbag or a wallet. Most of the time, business travellers opt for stylish and simple products that are not as useful as they could be.


The image reflected in the leather product

The accessories you choose are the expression of who you are. Always remember that the way you present yourself reflects the person you are to the outside world. Thus, it is strongly advised to choose a leather accessory embodying confidence, reliability and charisma as a chic Playboy belt for example.



It is essential to select an article that will last. Reliable products made with high-quality solid leather won't tear quickly or easily. Similar to a commercial partnership, the fabric must be strong and durable.


Buying leather accessories


After discovering the world of leather goods better, it's now time for you to take the next step and buy leather-made items. 

The best way to find leather accessories near you is to search online. Local stores are often listed in search results, and you will see their proximity to your home and their opening hours. You can also call ahead to see if they have the items you need.

In case you want to limit travel and save a lot of time, you can completely shop on the web by consulting online stores. For example, you can go to our 24-hour online store to place orders, followed by home delivery.


How do I find great leather product deals?


A good approach is to find out what you're looking for, and then monitor the sales section of the various online stores. If you enjoy random surprise, check the leather products periodically for sale and see if anything catches your eye. An item you might never have considered before could be pretty cheap.


How do you take care of your leather accessories?


From handbags to wallets, we want you to enjoy your leather goods for the rest of your life. From the moment they are made and until they arrive in your arms (and even beyond), they must be treated properly. With our handy mini-guide, your most valuable items will retain their beauty for years to come. Below is everything you need to know about the upkeep of your various leather accessories.



While it's tempting to leave your handbag full of daily essentials ready for the next day, take the time to empty it completely to avoid distorting it. Once it's empty, you can keep the silhouette of the handbag by gently filling it with solid, acid-free tissue paper.

If you plan to leave your bag in storage for an extended period of time (until next season, for example), you can also take the time to pack it with silk paper with zippers to prevent them from creating unwanted prints on your leather.

The next step is to cover your bag, preferably in the dust bag in which it was delivered. Prefer these are cut to the right size to prevent your bag from crashing and deforming. If you no longer have the original dust bag, a white cotton pillowcase can be an ideal substitute. However, keep in mind that coloured fabrics can transfer to the surface of the leather. Once covered, place your handbag away from direct sunlight and artificial heat sources.


Currency doors

Currency doors come in a wide variety of sizes and silhouettes to meet your most demanding needs. Select a style that suits your needs and reduce the risk of stretching the leather by not filling its various pockets, compartments and card slots too much.

When carrying your shoulder bag, you can avoid scratches and fingerprints simply by storing your leather wallet in a separate compartment or zipped pocket. It is recommended to gently wipe or brush your handbag regularly to eliminate the daily build-up of dust and dirt.



As belts are an accessory that many of us wear every day, it is important to rotate them to extend their lifespan. Identifying the appropriate fit will also support their longevity and prevent their stretching. When you're not wearing your seatbelt, gently wipe off any dust or debris and hang it through the buckle in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight. By allowing a belt to hang rather than roll it up, you will avoid any imprinting and retain its original shape.