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Frozen the snow Queen is a fim animation directed by 2013, this film is an immediate triumph of all children. Frozen 2 is scheduled for 2016

The story, Anna also bold and optimistic girl, embarks on an incredible journey looking for his sister Elsa, the snow Queen who has plunged the Kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. It is accompanied by Kristoff, an experienced Mountaineer and his trusty reindeer Sven. Along the way, they will meet mysterious Trolls and a funny snowman named Olaf, they will brave the extreme conditions of the steep and icy peaks. Anna and Kristoff will have compete courage and inventiveness poursurvivre and save the Kingdom of chaos.

Wireanimation Frozen m hosted more than 5 million viewers in France since its release at the cinema on 4 December 2013, he is ranked No. 1 animations of all time movies all by confused.

Currently the snow Queen brings together + 24 000 000 of fans on his facebook page.