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Backpack 2 compartments 

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Back to school is approaching and the time to choose your child's backpack is approaching? Between selecting different school supplies, buying new clothes and various items, it's easy to feel quickly overwhelmed! To help you, our specialists guide you to make the right choice of backpack. In this article, we will mention in particular the backpack with two compartments: for whom is it made? Which class is best suited to? How do I choose it? What are the trends for girls and boys? Find out all the answers to your questions.

Backpack 2 compartments: for whom is it made and for which class is it best suited?

Choosing your child's backpack is not as easy as you might think. Indeed, beyond choosing a bag that pleases him, it is also important to take into account the specific needs of the age as well as the class in which he is in. Depending on grade, the supplies are not the same and the capacity of the bag must be chosen accordingly. For whom is the 2 compartment backpack made? Which class is best suited to? Here's what you need to know.

The 2 compartment backpack, a model more suitable for children in primary or early college

For a child who lives between primary school and early college, specialists in the field advise parents to focus their choice on a backpack with two minimum compartments. Indeed, at this age, children will not only store their school supplies, but they will also have the opportunity to store their snacks, their change or some games that they can play on the playground with their classmates of the same age. As a result, the backpack with a single compartment seems insufficient. In addition, between primary and early college, the child is in the growth phase and the two compartments backpack allows to better distribute the load in the back for better support and optimal ergonomics.

Tips and tricks to choose your backpack 2 compartments

While the style and capacity of the backpack is very important, it is also important to look at other criteria in order to choose the right model. Here's what to remember before making your purchase.

The strength of the backpack

Between primary and early college, your child's backpack will be put to the test. Also, in order not to have to renew each year, it is advisable to opt for a model whose materials are strong enough to last over time. For this, it is often necessary to bet on a range higher at a price slightly higher than an entry-level model. However, given the longevity of the product, it is better to think about the long-term investment! Also, if your child has little brothers or sisters, the backpack can always be used if it is still in good condition! Aside from the strength of the fabric, also consider monitoring the zipper. Indeed, it often proves to be a weak point. Note that some brands like Eastpak guarantee their zipper for up to 30 years.

The ergonomics of the backpack

In the midst of growth, the ergonomics of the backpack is not something to be taken lightly. The backpack really needs to adapt to your child's morphology so that it is as comfortable as possible and does not interfere with the proper development of his skeleton. It should be noted that the dimensions of the bag must not exceed those of the back in order to preserve the spine as much as possible.

The waterproofing of the backpack

While one usually thinks of waterproofing one's shoes, one thinks less often of waterproofing one's backpack. However, in the event of rain, our child's belongings can be truly damaged. So consider choosing a waterproof bag!

The practicality of the backpack

Finally, last and not least: the practicality of the backpack. This element must be a true ally for your child in which he can store what he needs and find his belongings without problems and without wasting time! Don't hesitate to select a bag full of small inner pockets, small hooks to hang the keys or nets to hold notebooks and books.

Focus on girls and boys trends for backpack 2 compartments

Are your children growing up and starting to get interested in fashion? No way to miss out, you'll have to be interested in the latest trends! Fortunately, to help you, our experts give you some tips to get your kids up to speed with the latest fashions.

Backpack 2 compartments: trends for girls

For girls, the trend for the start of 2020 turns out to be colourful. The bright hues are out and the floral patterns are also present. Disney princess backpacks are also as appealing to younger people, not to mention Barbie and Minnie.

Backpack 2 compartments: trends for boys

Just like girls, boys are just as addicted to their favorite heroes and proudly wear it on their backpacks. In fashion for the new year, we find the Avengers, Batman, Ninja Turtle or in another genre Harry Potter. Also very trendy, backpacks in the effigy of sports clubs such as the NBA for basketball fans or PSG / OM for football fans. In terms of colors, fashion in boys is more sober with more sustained and darker hues than in girls.