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    Showing 1 - 36 of 104 items

    School backpack, what you need to know about choosing a good backpack

    If there is a re-entry imperative, it is definitely the one to take the time to select one by one the different cases that will accompany your child throughout the school year. Far from going to the first cross-store on your way, so that your child can work in the best conditions, we can only recommend you take the time necessary to make the necessary choices...

    When many parents still have the courage to frequent the shops, at their peak attendance, then have to play shoulders every time they find a pleasant article, to make their way through the aisles far too busy to be pleasant to discover, other solutions exist to prepare for the start of the school year in the best conditions! So why don't you go online shopping, to find a school backpack, or any other supplies for your schoolchildren?

    School backpack, the choice of quality on the internet!

    Far from choosing your children's school backpack, in a hurry within an overbooked department of a store, it is absolutely essential to take the time to select this accessory of the first importance, which will accompany a schoolboy, a college student or still a high school student, a school year during... If you select a backpack too quickly, without taking the time to examine it accurately, chances are that you and your children will have to deal with many disadvantages very quickly, not to say more serious problems:

    - A backpack that offers very poor resistance and whose straps will give way from the first trimester

    - A backpack that allows poor support, which can unfortunately lead to back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders on a growing body, with long-term repercussions.

    - Poor features for your handbag: low-strength zippers, low textile waterproofing, etc.

    - The obligation to buy back a school backpack, thus a waste of time and money

    It is therefore more than recommended to abandon school backpacks offered at very low prices from the first years of school. If at first you could be attracted by the savings that may have been realized, you will not fail to regret it much faster than you think...

    To allow you to choose a quality school backpack, no need, now to go to a shop, frequented by many parents with the same ideas as you, for a time that will be very unpleasant. Now you can choose a school backpack through a dedicated online store that allows you to choose a simple, efficient and appreciable choice.

    On The toon shop, in all the comfort and calm of your interior, you will have access to a wide range of school backpacks, to meet the desires of children, when you, parents, would have the certainty to choose a backpack of the most resistant and optimal for your eco connect:        

    - Backpacks for the first years of kindergarten

    - A school backpack to accompany a schoolboy during his school years in primary school

    - A wide range of backpacks dedicated to middle and high school students

    - Different girls backpacks and boys backpacks

    - Backpacks bearing the image of your children's favourite heroes or the best football clubs...

    Each of the school backpack models we offer meets undeniable quality criteria. But if you can't find the perfect school backpack, check out our tips for choosing an ideal backpack here!

    How to choose a backpack, a choice based on school level

     As we told you, when you're looking for a school backpack, not all models are the same and not all meet the same requirements when they are not always adapted to your children's needs...

    In order to choose a backpack suitable for your schoolboy, you must already, first, refer to your child's age and level. Depending on the school classes, there will not be as much material to carry throughout the day.

    -          The school bag for kindergarten For the first three years of schooling, you can let your child choose his or her school backpack. Indeed, at this time, the weight to be carried is very low (hardly that of a snack, a snack). So let your child choose a model that he likes, usually in the image of his favorite cartoon hero. For you parent, the only thing you will then have to do is check the practicality of your little girl's or little boy's school bag, while making sure it is geared towards a suitable size.

    -          A backpack for elementary school : For elementary school school enrolment, as soon as you enter CP, there is no doubt that the backpack of kindergarten years becomes far too small, totally unsuitable for transporting school supplies. Instead of choosing a binder, you can head to a school backpack, making sure that its size is specifically tailored to your child's body size. Note that you could also choose a wheeled backpack, as we explained in a item dedicated to the choice of wheeled bags.

    -         A backpack for the college and high school years For schoolchildren, middle school and high school students, it is necessary to have a daily backpack to store all the day's supplies, notebooks, binders and other textbooks. To do this, you are free to orient yourself to a single compartment backpack or a multi-compartment backpack for a larger organization.

    The features to consider for the right choice of a school backpack!

    Once you've been careful to establish your need more accurately, and your child has assessed which school backpack you would particularly like, we can only advise you to check out different features to help. to attest to a wide resistance throughout the coming school year or already underway (with the aim of replacing a defective backpack). To do this, 4 main criteria, apart from all aesthetic characteristics, are taken into account to allow you to have a good quality school backpack:

    - The safety of the school backpack

    - The robustness of the different equipment for greater durability

    - Features allowed for the most convenient use

    - The most appreciable ergonomics

    So, when choosing your child's school backpack, take the time to study precisely these different aspects, to be sure that your child will have the best binder for his school year.

    - Reinforcements, seams and different seams: It is a question of checking the quality of the bag's manufacture. Check mainly seams and other devices at the bottom of the bag (mainly supporting all the weight of school equipment), straps (which need to be largely reinforced for better durability) and how is made up the back of the bag. So you'll have a better idea of the robustness of the bag you choose for your child. In addition, this will allow a most appreciable comfort for the daily life of your student during his long school days.

    - School backpack warranties: Nowadays, most school backpack manufacturers take care to offer different warranties to deal with any potential problems. We advise you to go mainly to the models of bags subject to guarantees!

    A good school bag, the guarantee to avoid any back problems!

    Apart from the robustness allowed by quality school bags, another of the most essential concepts comes into play, in the choice of a school bag: that of the health of your child's back... Unfortunately, we no longer count the number of children who have to go to specialist consultations (kine, osteopath, general practitioner) because they are left with major back problems. By choosing quality equipment, you are sure to be able to allow your child to carry all his school belongings on a daily basis, while ensuring a good posture that will not damage his back!

    Of course, it would be illusory to think that only having a good school backpack is enough to avoid any back problem, when we all know how heavy and very loaded our children's school bags can be... Of course, in the context where your child reports a dorsal sensitivity should take care to allow him special arrangements to preserve his spine, but the choice of a quality backpack already allows great advantages ...

    Far from poor quality school backpacks, unreinforced, where weight distribution is unenviable, by choosing quality, you preserve your child! Be aware that we also offer a wide range of school bags on wheels, again suitable for all ages and for the tastes of each student, when it is sometimes essential to use these types of school bags! From kindergarten to elementary school, through middle and high school, we offer different models of wheeled bags, your student, the object of all your attentions, will no longer have to bear the weight of all his school equipment, when he will have now only to pull it, through a cleverly designed bag!

    To choose a school backpack, let your child's desires express themselves!

    Finally, the last criterion to consider when choosing your child's school backpack is purely aesthetic and very personal.

    Remember, already from the time of our schooling, to us parents, the backpack was a way to let our personalities express themselves, it is the same, if not more today!

    So let the freedom to choose a model that pleases your child, your teenager!

    Within our different categories of school backpacks, we have taken care to carefully select dozens, hundreds of models... Each of them meets the expectations of a class of students, when it is important to offer them the best. So you'll find sumptuous school bags for girls entering their early kindergarten years, boy school bags for a high school student who wants a particular style as well as a wide range of backpacks for high school students...

    Far from the sometimes more than confusing hustle and bustle of a store offering different models of school bags, far from a shop crowded with people, take the time, from the comfort of your interior, to observe the different models that we offer you, with your child. As parents, you will be assured that each model meets quality requirements, when your children will have full freedom to choose a model to be able to walk proudly through the school halls, its new school bag on the back!

    Now you are ready to choose your child's future school bag, in the best possible way... You are informed of the different criteria to be taken into account, of the special attentions to be paid to the characteristics of a school bag. So take the time to visit our different categories of school backpack, bag for little girls or boys... Once you have made your choice, we try to get your child's school backpack to you as soon as possible, so that your child can start the school road in the best conditions and that every night, or every morning, it is for him, a real pleasure to prepare his bag... Opening the tough closures, he will slip one by one the essential sustenances in his backpack, which will be his best ally for a beautiful school year to come!