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    School backpack 

    Popular with all generations, the backpack became a Essential luggage In the Schoolyards. Light and space-savingthat Vertical bag with suspenders ensures adequate space to store all School supplies some schoolchildren. The little ones of kindergarten make it their first Ring binderthe Primary school children are proud with their bag of big guys. For College students and Students, move without a Backpack on the shoulders It's like going naked to the bahut !

    Discover on the toons shop our Wide selection of backpacks. From Major school luggage brands alongside those of the Sports clubs or the Licenses with the effigy of fictional characters Favorite of children. ��one or more compartmentsthose Quality bags accompany you everywhere ! For sure, you'll crack !

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    Showing 1 - 96 of 181 items
    Showing 1 - 96 of 181 items

    School backpack: the emblematic luggage of easy travel

    Discover a wide selection of backpacks on the toons shop! Trendy, comfortable and practical, all our models have been carefully selected by our school luggage specialist team since 2008.

    You will find a wide selection of school bags from kindergarten to high school but also backpacks for students and adults. Small licenses rub shoulders with the biggest popular brands such as Rip Curl or Kipling. The goal: that everyone, young and old, can find happiness according to their personality and tastes.

    Do not hesitate to use the filters to refine your search: so we display backpacks girl or boy, school bags with one or two compartments, etc. Choosing a backpack on our online store is the assurance of finding THE luggage made for you or for your child!

    Ordering a backpack on the toon shop is choosing quality on the internet!

    Specialist in school luggage for many years, our team takes the time to select the best products on the market. A single ambition: to offer you quality backpacks that meet your needs.

    Screened, the luggage is carefully studied at the toon shop:

    • materials used;
    • quality of seams;
    • proposed volume;
    • port quality;
    • etc.

    More concretely, each backpack passes a real test. At its core, discussions with suppliers and manufacturers promote understanding of innovations in shoulder strap baggage. Progress that we hasten to transcribe in our product descriptions.

    Major brands of school luggage to rediscover

    Major brands of school luggage trust us like Tann's, Kipling or Rip Curl (to name a few...). These licenses are constantly looking for improvements on their products. Whether it is the design or the practicality of the bag, nothing is left to chance. We like to promote these beautiful brands through the collections we present to you.

    Licenses that deserve your attention

    Lesser-known licenses also have their place on our shop. Some make the buzz for a while, others will be more durable but also more discreet. Only one point unites them on our online site: quality! We are committed to highlighting the pretty backpacks of small designer brands likeEttavee or Lilli Kesler. And we are uncompromising about the quality of children's fashionable licensing products like Miraculous Ladybug or Super Mario.

    A comfortable moment to share with your family

    Placing an order on the toon shop means enjoying a wide choice of bags at unbeatable prices. And then, the whole family can enjoy it! You will find backpacks perfect to take your sportswear to your next yoga session, others designed to carry your student's classes and small school bags for young schoolchildren.

    Make yourself comfortable on your sofa with your computer or mobile phone. Select a few backpacks according to your criteria and call each member of your family to finalize your choice. It's fun, friendly, and easy!

    Choosing a backpack for school

    Each school level from kindergarten to high school requires the use of a specific background. A bag spacious enough to carry all the necessary supplies requested by teachers. The backpack is often a wise choice of schoolbag. Flexible and waterproof, it offers one or more compartments, dimensions adapted to each morphology and easy movement.

    The backpack of kindergarten students: too cute!

    The backpack is probably the first school accessory for young schoolchildren. A perfectly sized mini luggage that invests the shoulders of 3 – 5 year olds for their greatest pleasure. Like mom, dad, big brother or big sister, they too are entitled to a small bag that accompanies them in their daily lives. It is important to choose it to your taste (color, character, ...) and especially to its size!

    Here is a small summary of the sizes of backpacks according to the age of the child:

    • 2 – 3 years, between 27 cm and 30 cm in height;
    • 4 – 5 years, between 30 cm and 34 cm;
    • From 5 years old, opt for a height of 35 cm.

    To your tape measure! Of course, these are "standard" measures! Many children are bigger, smaller or more corpulent than average. To learn more, you can consult our article Maternal schoolbag: our advice for choosing the right school bag.

    The backpack in primary school: too much fun!

    From the beginning of primary school, children need to carry stationery and writing materials on a daily basis. The backpack, this vertical luggage, is then ideal. The child places his notebooks and binders in the main compartments in a jiffy. Kits and other pencil boxes find their place in the front pockets. Optimized and easy storage for children.

    As for the right dimensions, here is what we recommend:

    • CP, CE1 and CE2, a bag 38 cm high;
    • CM1 and CM2, a bag 41 cm high.

    Again, the choice of the final backpack is up to your child. Among the licenses prized on the toon shop, you will find backpacks with the effigy of animals (dog, cat, horse, dinosaur), Disney characters, sports clubs (football, rugby), video games (Super Mario, Minecraft), etc.

    The backpack of college students: a must!

    In middle school, children swear by him: the backpack is THE schoolbag of the college. With one or two compartments, it wants to reflect its owner. The middle school student clearly displays his style through his school bag. And he knows what he wants and what he doesn't want! Don't dare to choose for him! The bag for pre-teens is practical, comfortable, space-saving but above all so trendy. Just right!

    To please this population of young students, there is only one solution: offer a large selection of backpacks with unique designs and colors. Hence the window of the toon shop!

    The backpack of high school students: a social norm!

    In high school, backpacking is emulated. A baggage acclaimed by dynamic teenagers, it is part of the essential school material. Practical, easy to handle, perfect for moving, the bag higher than wide ensures with young adults.

    Often equipped with several compartments, the backpack offers a significant storage space. School materials of all sizes are placed inside the luggage. More and more, computers and tablets have their dedicated location. A padded inner pocket that provides great protection for fragile computer equipment. Find on our shop the brands that innovate in this area!

    Features to consider before buying a school backpack!

    Once you have taken care to establish more precisely your need, that you and your child have evaluated which school backpack you would particularly like, we can only advise you to check different characteristics to attest to a wide resistance, throughout the coming school year or already in progress (in the perspective that you would seek to replace a defective backpack). To do this, 4 main criteria, apart from any aesthetic characteristics, are taken into account to allow you to have a good quality school backpack:

    • The safety of the school backpack
    • The robustness of the different equipment for greater durability
    • The features allowed for the most convenient use
    • Significant ergonomics


    So, when choosing your child's school backpack, take the time to study these different aspects precisely, to be sure that your child will have the best schoolbag for his school year.

    • Reinforcements, seams and different seams:

    This is to check the quality of manufacture of the bag. Check mainly the seams and other devices at the bottom of the bag (mainly supporting all the weight of the school materials), the shoulder straps (which must be greatly reinforced for better durability) as well as the way in which the back of the bag is constituted. You will have a better idea of the robustness of the bag you choose for your child. In addition, it will allow a comfort of the most appreciable for the daily life of your student during his long school days.

    • School backpack guarantees:

    Nowadays, most school backpack manufacturers take care to offer different guarantees to overcome any possible problems. We advise you to go mainly to the models of bags subject to guarantees!

    Let your child's desires express themselves through his backpack!

    Finally, the last criterion to consider when choosing your child's school backpack is purely aesthetic and personal.

    Remember, already at the time of our schooling, to us, parents, the backpack was a way to let our personalities express themselves, it is the same, even more today!

    So leave the freedom to choose a model that pleases your child, your teenager!

    Within our different categories of school backpacks, we have carefully selected hundreds of models... Each of them meets the expectations of a category of students. You will therefore find as well sumptuous Backpacks for girls Entering their first years of kindergarten only boy school bags for a middle school student wishing a particular style as well as a wide range of backpacks for high school students...

    Far from the hustle and bustle of stores offering different models of school bags, far from a crowded shop, take the time, from the comfort of your home, to observe the different models we offer. As parents, you will be assured that each model meets quality requirements, when your children will have all the freedom to choose a model to be able to walk proudly in the corridors of the school, his new school bag on his back!


    You are now ready to choose your child's future school bag, in the best conditions... You are now informed of the different criteria to take into account, the particular attention to be paid to the characteristics of a school bag. So take the time to visit our different categories of school backpacks, Boys' bags or girls... Once your choice is made, we strive to send you your child's school backpack as soon as possible, so that he can start the way to school in the best conditions and that every evening, or every morning, it is for him, a real pleasure to prepare his bag ... Opening the resistant closures, he will slip one by one the essential things into his backpack, which will be his best ally for a beautiful school year to come!