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Backpack with wheels 

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Showing 1 - 96 of 127 items

Backpacks on wheels: the art of carrying your belongings without getting tired


Whether you are a child, teenager or adult, the transport of your belongings can become a real issue especially when it must become a daily concern. Backpacks with wheels were invented for fix the worries that excess weight can cause on your back. Indeed, it gives the possibility to put the bag on the shoulders to free your hands or, on the contrary, to drag it like a trolley suitcase when desired. There are several models that can be very suitable depending on the need and circumstances. The offer in terms of backpacks with wheels is very wide and several brands fight to offer you the best services at competitive rates. That's why it's very easy to find the bag that fits your status and need at the moment. Backpacks with wheels come in several versions and sizes to allow you to get the bag that best suits your needs, whoever you are. Discover in this article the best backpack options with wheels available on the market!


What are the characteristics of backpacks with wheels?


Backpacks with wheels are successful. However, it is difficult to decide on the model to adopt. Should we choose large volumes or opt for multiple compartments? This type of bag is very popular with travelers because of its mobility. Very comfortable, it is ideal for doing small errands or going hiking. Most models have a padded back and shoulder straps to be worn on the back. They allow you to stay comfortable even with heavy loads and the castors make it possible not to get tired. This type of bag has the advantage of being multifunctional.

Backpacks with wheels offer pleasant and refined shapes that appeal a lot to their users. They are made of resistant materials and stylized seams embellish their unusual design. Solid colors, stripes or patterns, these bags are available in polyester or leather according to the budget of the buyers. Since leather is stronger, it offers more durability, but it is more expensive. They have a main pocket, pockets on the belt, side pockets (or nets), pockets on the flap and accessories (straps and external clips).

Some large bags, mostly for adults, are equipped with a top pocket that can convert into a small removable extra bag. It can happen that it zips on the big one. It is convenient to carry more luggage. Thus, the big one can stay in the hold while you get on a bus or plane with the little one. They are generally of reduced capacity, between 10 and 20 liters at most.


How to use your wheeled bag?


This essential accessory becomes useful when looking for a modular or flexible bag option offering an interesting transport volume. It has the advantage of freeing the back when the volume of luggage to be moved is large or heavy. Otherwise, no need to acquire another bag. It will be enough to wear it on the back.


Roll your bag on the floor by pulling it

Whether it's to get to school or on a trip, a backpack on wheels can do it all. It has a handle that allows you to drag it with you like a trolley suitcase. In addition, it exists in several dimensions, with innovative specificities to best match the needs of the future user and satisfy all his requirements. For travel, this type of bag is ideal for leaving light and without the stress of luggage to watch. It is simply perfect for conducting business meetings. It can help carry clothes, tools, documents, product samples, small appliances or equipment, one or more computers, etc. It also has several compartments to store everything necessary. Just find the right size that fits your needs.


Put your bag on your back to have your hands free

Backpacks with wheels offer several possibilities of use. They have several compartments to store your belongings and enjoy all the available spaces and its capacity. Generally, you have on your bag, a fairly large central compartment and another front compartment that can have one or more pockets.

On both sides, it can also offer mesh pockets to carry water bottles or other containers. It can also have a padded compartment to easily carry mobile devices such as tablets or laptops up to 17". These bags are consolidated to slow down wear and ensure more durability. It is indeed a backpack that can hold up to 8 kg or more of belongings. Its lightweight and resistant telescopic handle is as usable by right-handed as left-handed people. Some models are waterproof to ensure the protection of your objects.


Who are backpacks on wheels for?  

Backpacks with wheels are available in several models, colors or materials. Manufacturers are showing creativity and ingenuity to offer customers the most beautiful and strong bags, likely to last over time. Indeed, this type of bag is specially designed to last as long as possible. The bags are made with the effigy of comic book heroes for children, superheroes for teenagers, glamorous patterns for women and stylish for men. That is, backpacks with wheels are for everyone. Their increasingly modern and attractive designs with materials worthy of current fashion trends will charm you.


Backpacks with wheels by gender

To distinguish backpacks with wheels for girls and boys, besides the design and colors, there are a few signs that differ them. Trolley bags are available in gender-sensitive colours and patterns. You will find on our online shop backpacks with wheels girl and backpacks with wheels boys. The design and the color in this case, make it possible to differentiate them.

They are equipped with additional accessories to please the user, depending on whether they are intended to satisfy the amenities of a girl or a boy. If you are looking for neutral or mixed models, there is no need to worry. You will have something for all your tastes. Women's models often have a shorter back size. Then they are wider and inclined with an additional cushion. Finally, the spacing of the shoulders and the shoulder straps are also different from those of men to adapt to the specific morphology of these.


Backpacks with wheels according to age

There is no age to use a backpack with wheels. Whatever your age, you are bound to find the bag that best suits your condition. Whether it is a child, a teenager or an adult, there are models that necessarily correspond to the expressed need. You can filter on our shop maternal wheeled bags, CP - Primary wheel bags or wheeled bags for college. These bags are very fashionable and can accompany you in your daily shopping.


Backpacks on wheels according to socio-professional activity

Backpacks with wheels are not only intended for schoolchildren or primary school children in particular. Whether you are a college student or university student, this bag can quickly become your best ally and help you carry your documents as needed. When you are an intern or employee of a company, a backpack with wheels is the appropriate tool to take your work tools or computer with you without much trouble.


What are the types of trolley bags?


The directory of wheeled bags contains only two headings. For the school, the first section, we will just talk about backpacks on wheels. Then it will be the class of business models. This last class is actually intended for multiple uses. It can be used very well to get to work, carry tools or to carry laptops. All these bags are available in several sizes to match the user's size. Indeed, if it is too small or too large, it can become a real problem for the comfort of the user and his back. In the long run, this can lead to low back pain.


How to choose the right backpack on wheels?

The choice of your backpack on wheels depends on several criteria, the first being the use you want to make of it. Indeed, if it wants to be used for studies (primary or university), for a trip, a hike, a picnic with friends, to go to work, ... your choice will be oriented towards one or the other of the proposed models. In addition, gender and age can also influence your choice. But in any case, there are certain criteria that come up every time.

  • Resistant materials

Since it is intended to carry a large number of belongings, it will be necessary to choose a model with a reinforced back and solid materials to avoid tears. A backpack with wheels must have a weight of between 1.5 and 3 kg when empty.

  • Waterproof materials

You never know what can happen on the road. Mother nature to her moods and it is advisable to make arrangements in advance to avoid disappointments.

  • Back padded and wide shoulder straps

Your back will often be solicited to carry your bag, you must take care of it so as not to create health concerns. Since it contains objects with a certain weight, it will be necessary to opt for wide straps and a padded back if possible.

  • Shape and stability

Choose a bag that fits perfectly on the ground and keeps the balance even if it is filled to the brim. The shape of the bag you are interested in is very crucial.

  • An ergonomic handle

As you use your bag, you will have to deploy its handle several times. Choose a model that is reliable enough to allow you to move the handle up and down for as long as you want without it being able to get stuck. In addition, it should be flexible and pleasant to hold (it should not be narrow or rough) in case you have to drag your bag for long distances.

  • Compression straps

This additional and quite important accessory makes it possible to compress the objects inside and stabilize them. Other straps can also be used to reattach the two straps to balance your posture in front of a bag that is too full.

  • Quality castors

It is essential that the castors are very fluid and of quality. It must not wear out quickly otherwise the bag would lose its first interest.

  • Security measures

No need if it is for a child to go to school. But for a travel bag, this can be essential for the airport or hotel stages. Several advanced locking or protection systems are available with your bags. Even if they are not all homologated, you will certainly find what will do.


What are the precautions to take when using a backpack with wheels?


Backpacks with wheels have been considered for several years as alternatives to the classic backpack or satchel. Indeed, research has shown that it lightens the back of children and adults better. He is not always on his back and can drag himself in a trolley.


  • Weight limitation

It is recommended that the weight of a backpack or satchel with wheels does not exceed 20 % of the weight of the wearer. It is therefore necessary to avoid overloading his backpack even if he has wheels, because it must sometimes put him on his back. This makes it possible to use the lumbar muscles less. As a result, one must have at least 80 kg to carry a 12 kg bag. Women are lighter and shorter, so they will have to wear less.

Even if it has advantages, we notice that trolley bags are always pulled on the same side. This can cause twisting of the back. To correct this small inconvenience, you just have to change sides whenever necessary so that the load does not rest on the same side every time. Finally, it must be worn correctly on the back.


  • Volume limitation

For travel, you need to make sure that the dimensions of your bag meet the recommendations of land and airlines. For hand luggage, do not exceed 55 x 35 x 25 cm for some and 56 x 45 x 25 cm for others.

Depending on the volume of your bag, do not exceed a certain weight:

 No top-up

  •  30 L equivalent to 10 kg;
  •  50 L equivalent to 13 kg;
  •  75 L equivalent to 18 kg.

 With extra

  •  30 + 10 L equivalent to 11 kg;
  •  50 + 10 L equivalent to 14 kg;
  •  75 + 10 L equivalent to 19 kg.

Other volumes are available and can better suit your needs.


Where to find the best wheeled bags?


Are you looking for a quality bag at a very good price? Does a backpack with wheels match your needs? We have the best offers of the moment. The toon shop is your best ally backpacks on wheels. This specialist in license derivatives has been supporting you since 2005 in the acquisition of robust and durable products. Our team is at your disposal at any time by email and phone, from Monday to Friday. We specialize in the distribution of school bags, school supplies, figurines and household items (linen, games and toys, dishes, decoration, leather goods, etc.). We have a selection of the best product brands to guarantee your investment. Log in to our private area to benefit from our best offers. Stay tuned to follow our flash sales and take advantage of our discounts.


In short


The toons shop provides you with backpacks on wheels for any type of use. Whether for school or work, these bags offer you all the amenities you need to move your belongings. Children and adults love it. Indeed, they can relieve your back by letting you pull your bag like a trolley suitcase. Available in various patterns and materials, combining robustness and quality, these bags are made in different models. They make it possible to carry several kilos easily and comfortably.

However, you must make the necessary arrangements not to overload your bag. This will allow you not to strain your back too much. Find above the necessary orientations to choose your bag to choose the best one that suits your needs. He will accompany you everywhere and can help you in several different situations. Backpacks with wheels are very elegant and chic multifunctional bags.