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Kindergarten school bag 

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Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items

The maternal school bag, a jewel for your little one!

The purchase of a child's very first school bag marks his entry into the school world. A true symbol of the educational institution that is national education, the school bag is THE essential baggage of young schoolchildren. And even if it is not mandatory in all kindergartens, parents are committed to offering their offspring this accessory as practical, aesthetic, as comforting. A school bag that will faithfully accompany the child, like a good comrade, in his learning. With him, the little ones enter the world of the big ones. They are proud and so are their parents!

A rectangular satchel for the shape or for the vintage style...

The rectangular-shaped school bag is one of the first school bag templates. Its existence dates back more than a century. For you, this accessory is the perfect embodiment of learning. You don't really know why but among the many kindergarten children's bags available on the market, you swear by this model of school bag. It's certainly your retro side that speaks!

Three good reasons to fall for these small school bags

Once made of leather and intended for schoolchildren over 6 years old, today's school bag is reinventing itself for kindergarten learners. It keeps its structure but adapts its dimensions, materials and look to young children, between 3 and 6 years old.

A school bag adapted for the little ones

The maternal school bag has dimensions ranging from 28 cm to 35 cm wide. It goes without saying that the 28 cm school bag will be rather intended for children of small sections of kindergarten while the 35 cm school bag will be the ideal companion for children of large section. However, you must remain vigilant in order to choose the right kindergarten school bag for your child. For this, here are three criteria to take into account:

  • your child's kindergarten year (small, medium or large section);
  • your child's build;
  • the list of teachers' supplies.

By taking care to study these three criteria, the choice of the school bag for your child will be refined. You will not choose a 28 cm binder if your child's small section teacher asks to carry a large format binder on a daily basis. And you will not take this same school bag if your child of first kindergarten has a morphology and a height higher than the average. Also, prefer a 32 cm school bag in large section if your child is a menu.

A little tip from parents to parents: to prevent your child from carrying heavy loads on his back from kindergarten, choose a school bag adapted to his morphology and slip into a soft fabric bag in anticipation of the transport of notebooks or large format binders which, it must be said, often remains exceptional in kindergarten (weekend or holidays).

A lightweight quality binder

The rectangular satchel of the little ones is designed to perfectly fit the back of the young child by offering wide adjustable straps and a reinforced back panel. Lightweight, it is adorned with quality, flexible and comfortable materials. Often made of polyester, the school bag is ultra resistant (even for children who would try to practice school bag throwing during recess!). It is also waterproof for use in any season.

A satchel with charming prints

The kindergarten school bag must remain a school bag chosen by your child. You can of course orient the latter by making a pre-selection according to your tastes, your expectations in terms of quality and / or your budget. But let your child have the pleasure of choosing the school bag that will follow him throughout the year. Candy pink, dinosaur green, polka dots, flowers, with the effigy of a superhero, a princess, you will find many models of school bags on our online site the toon shop.

Brands that have made the reputation of the school bag

Tann's satchel

There is no doubt that the rectangular school bag has become known thanks to the Tann's brand of school luggage. In order to best support young children and their parents in the school adventure, the brand creates ever more innovative school bags and in compliance with eco-responsible standards to satisfy a growing clientele. However, these school bags keep their original appearance and stand out as small vintage style school luggage that pleases both parents and children.

The Tann's kindergarten school bag has conquered a young plublic, that of children from 3 to 6 years old in kindergarten. It offers the same features as primary school children: a clean look and a name tag located on the flap of the luggage.

Find the Tann's school bag for kindergarten children at a low price on the toon shop! Because the toon shop is committed to contributing to the good start of children in their studies.

The Kipling satchel

With its innovative ultra-light material, the Kipling satchel is naturally part of our selection of maternal satchels on the toon shop. Who else but young children to enjoy the Kipling school luggage and its fabric that is both soft and robust, soft and waterproof. On this small school bag, no tuck clasps but zippers easy to handle by small hands. The reinforced handle and ergonomic straps make it easier to carry the bag in your hand or on your back. The plain or rich colored fabric of childish prints of the Kipling school bag appeals to children and parents alike.

The Kipling schoolbag never comes out without its little monkey! Very soft, this little mascot emblem of the brand will quickly become the ideal playmate of your young child. Discover Kipling school bags and their little monkeys on our online store at attractive prices!

The Rip Curl binder

The rising Lifestyle brand invades the world of childhood by offering an absolutely incredible range of kindergarten school bags. These Rip Curl satchels follow an original creative line where the quality, practicality and aesthetics of the product are one. Intended for kindergarten children, the 34 cm wide Rip Curl binder is a small summary of the best innovations around the school bag: use of a light and waterproof material, reinforcement of the structure of the bag, ergonomics of the shoulder straps. Its particularity: reflective strips that ensure the visibility of children to motorists.

Because the safety of your little child is paramount, opt for the Rip Curl kindergarten school bag. For girl or boy, you will find the one that will fill your child on the shop of toons at a smart price of course!

Les Déglingos school bag

Fun, the Les Déglingos school bag for kindergarten is undoubtedly the most popular school bag for young schoolchildren. With its crazy look and unparalleled quality, this little luggage seduces both children and parents. Dressed in the markers inherent in any good school bag, this school bag has ranked among the best kindergarten school bags for a few years. You will find among others on this binder:

  • large adjustable quilted shoulder straps;
  • a reinforced back with a wide antiperspirant mesh;
  • an upper handle;
  • ultra-handy PVC clasps;
  • reflective strips on the front, sides and shoulder straps;
  • a sternal strap with tuck clasp at the shoulder straps, like a belt it allows you to distribute the weight evenly over your child's entire body;
  • two separate compartments for storing large-format school supplies such as notebooks or filing cabinets.

Ostrich, hippopotamus, lion or panda, the toons shop necessarily has the Déglingos satchel that will please your child. Come and discover these friendly school bags for children at a crazy price!

The Disney satchel

A sure bet for early childhood, the Disney license is a hit in the field of school luggage. Your boy is a fan of Cars, your daughter dreams of being a princess, choose with your eyes closed a Disney school bag. Designed to catch the eye of your young schoolchildren with their attractive colors and prints, these school bags are still interesting in terms of comfort and practicality. They bring together all the codes of the right school bag.

Give a Disney school bag to your future schoolboy! You will find it at a magical price on the toon shop. What a pleasure to find a school bag dreamed by your child at such a low price!


We wish you beautiful memories with these quality school bags with an emblematic shape. Suitable for young kindergarten students, they will perfectly accompany your little prince or princess in the exciting world of learning. What are you waiting for to choose the ideal school bag that will seduce your little one?