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CP binder 

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Showing 1 - 96 of 134 items

Easily choose your child's CP binder on the toon shop!


That's it, it's soon the back to school ! And what a return to school! Your child is joining a new school called theschool of the great. After three years in kindergarten, he is ready for Learning of the degree primary. It is a highlight in the life of your little being as much as in yours. That's why you want it unique, both enthusiastic and serene.


Theschool world, you don't have mastered it yet. You don't know the future(s) Teachers of your child. You had in all and for all a brief school list that seems to advise a rectangular-shaped binder without wheels but nothing to explain how to choose your child's first "real" school bag. Don't panic, you're on the right page! In this category, we will talk with you about the ideal binder for CP. Advice, testimonials from parents, the discovery of school luggage storage licences and especially visuals of school bags all more fun than the others will allow you to choose THE school bag designed for your schoolboy.



How to choose your child's CP binder?


Motivated in the purchase of the school bag of your future primary school student, you stopped several times at the school bag of your hypermarket. Some school bags are pleasant but look of poor quality, others are horribly overpriced. Some are ridiculously small, others are three times your child's build. It is quite natural that you go on the hunt for information on the net. Congratulations, you landed on THE site specialized in school luggage storage for more than 15 years ! We will not go by four ways, we deliver without further delay the three steps to choose the school bag of your child.


Step 1: The size of the school bag

You will find on the school luggage market the dimensions of school bags advocated for entry into the first primary. These are: satchels with a width of between 35 and 38 cm. Carefully designed according to the average growth curve of children between 6 and 8 years old, these school bags are the most adapted to the morphology of CP students.


But as you know, every child is unique. That's why you need take into account the corpulence of your daughter or that of your boy before any purchase. Is your daughter small? Then opt for a 35 cm school bag. Your boy is tall and strong, a 38 cm school bag will be much more suitable.


What about compartments? Rather one or two?

To decide the ideal number of compartments for your schoolchild's next backpack, refer first to the school list. The priority being your child and his comfort, do not neglect the number of school supplies that will travel inside the school bag. Depending on the notebooks, binders, kits and other educational materials that your child will have to carry on a daily basis, you will be able to decide on the number of appropriate compartments.


Parents' question!

My child is smaller than average and the list of school supplies is endless, how to choose the most suitable school bag?

The rule: don't overload your child! Offer him a comfortable school bag adapted to his morphology. If necessary, you can slip a canvas bag inside the school bag for the days when it will have to carry more notebooks. You can inform your teacher at the beginning of the year.



Step 2: the necessary quality of school baggage

Port quality

You have chosen to turn to a backpack binder, in other words a rectangular school bag with a handle and two back straps. Your child will therefore carry the weight of his school bag on a daily basis by hand or on his back. To preserve your health (and in particular to prevent back pain due to heavy school supplies), it is important to focus on the design of wearing devices. In this case, the shoulder straps and the back panel that make up the school bag.


Ergonomic shoulder straps or nothing!

The shoulder straps should be easily adjustable by you adult, but also by your child. For this, opt for a pvc device consisting of sliding the straps. This simplistic (but oh so effective!) system is found on most backpacks today.


Thanks to him, you will regularly adjust the straps of the school bag to your child's shoulders, ensuring that the back panel of the school bag is in contact with his back. Health recommendation relegated for many years, this instruction promotes the well-being of your child during his travels with the school bag.


To go further in comfort, be sure to choose a school bag with wide and quilted shoulder straps !


A competition back panel!

The back panel, commonly known as the back of the school bag, is a part of the school bag. Located at the back of the school bag, it is he who finds himself in contact with the back of the child while carrying the luggage. It is of great importance since its great mission is tomitigate displacement shocks.


More and more school bag manufacturers are looking into its design: we see the appearance of padded back panels with a layer of soft foam or molded panels to perfectly fit the anatomy of children. The fabric is adorned with micro-cells and becomes antiperspirant and anti-friction.


A school bag resistant to the overflowing energy of children

Object intended to be lugged by mountains and valleys with more or less respect (it must be said!), the CP binder must be ultra resistant. It must be able to carry out its primary mission on a daily basis, namely to transport all kinds of school supplies more or less heavy and this whether it is sunny, raining or snowing.


You must then be vigilant about the quality of the fabrics: flexibility and non-negotiable waterproofness ! The flexibility of the material will be pleasant to handle by your child. The tightness of the bag is essential to avoid paper soup in the school bag!


For increased resistance of the bag, choose a satchel with reinforced corners, neat seams and robust opening and closing devices. Metal tuck clasps or pvc clip clasps are ideal satchel clasps for the bags of schoolchildren at the beginning of primary school. Resistant and easily manipulated by small hands, it promotes the autonomy of children.



Step 3: Election of the most beautiful school bag

Once the dimensions of the school bag are predefined and the quality approved, it remains the most important: find the best school bag for your child in terms of aesthetics. As you will have understood, in this last step, we talk about the visual of the school bag! This is the only step that must be done WITH your child. We advise you to select alone beforehand school bags that meet the criteria of the first two steps and to submit your finds to your schoolgirl.


Now you know the three main steps to easily choose your child's very first CP binder. It's time to discover the plethora of rectangular school bags with straps on our online store. No doubt, the future school bag of your primary school student is here!



Our selection of the best CP binders to serve you


It's time for us to introduce you the most popular primary school bags for children and their parents! Among our selection of CP binders on the toon shop, you will find the Tann's school bags and Rip Curl school bags, two essential brands of school luggage for primary school but also other license bags that have proven themselves in the world of school bags.


Do you have your Tann's?

Let's start with a must: the Tann's satchel. Made famous in the 80s thanks to the most explicit television advertising that repeated three times in a row the famous slogan "Do you have your Tann's?", this satchel has made envious. At the time, you dreamed of being able to write your name on the label of the leather-crusted school bag. Today as a young parent, you have not forgotten this school bag. It is only natural that the choice of your child's first primary school bag is oriented towards this quality school leather goods item.


The Rip Curl satchel to study in style!

Girl or boy on Rip Curl binder finds its audience from the first year of primary school. A lifestyle brand, the small luggage has been carefully designed to meet the needs of young students. It is recognized between a thousand with its multiple vertical and horizontal bands. Quality, comfort, safety, style: everything has been designed to offer the best to young schoolchildren.


The animal school bag: this adorable school accessory

If your child loves animals, it is certainly appropriate to opt for a small school bag with their effigy. Many animal licences have emerged in recent years in school luggage storage. Licenses all more adorable than the others. From horses to pets to prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs, discover on our shop the entire offer CP animal binder.


CP boy satchel with superhero

Avengers, Transformers, Superman, etc. the list of superheroes is long. Yet every child has their favorite fictional character. If this is the case for your son, then the choice of his school bag for the future school year will be quickly made!


Girl CP binder: female fictional characters make schoolgirls dream

Girls also have their heroines: Disney princesses like the Snow Queen or the young Marinette aka Miraculous Ladybug are the most popular. Schoolgirls love to find them on different school products. Your daughter is a big fan of these ambitious female characters, taking their destiny into their own hands. Give him the power to choose which character will accompany him on the benches of the school.


Ettavee, Kip, Camps: brands to discover!

The toons shop is also a place of discovery. Alongside famous licenses, we offer you brands whose fame is to come. Their particularity: a high quality at the service of universes all more attractive than the others. Do not hesitate to explore all the models of school bags offered on our site. Who knows? Your child's future CP binder may be among them...