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Showing 1 - 48 of 53 items

The mug: the guest of special events.

An inexpensive but always appreciated gift, the mug is offered at any opportunity. Whether it's a birthday, a retirement, a party, it is a useful and decorative, friendly gift that is sometimes humorous and decorative.

Here are some gift ideas that will motivate you to buy a mug:

-        to thank the teacher at the end of the school year, consider offering a nice mug lined with pencils (teachers always need it!);

-        to wish your grandmother a happy birthday, opt for a mug with different teas to discover;

-        to spoil your uncle at Christmas, fill a mug with delicious chocolates.

The features of the mug in the kitchen.

In addition to its primary function, which is to keep and transport a large amount of hot drink to drink such as tea or coffee, the mug is used as a measuring tool especially in pastry. Indeed, many recipes from the American continent are transmitted not with a metric system (grammage) but with a number of cups. The word "cup" refers to a large cup of about 250 milliliters. So, thanks to the mug, you can measure liquids but also flour, butter or sugar. The mug also has its own cake! You probably know it, it's the Mug Cake. There are all kinds of recipes more delicious than the others. All that remains is to choose on our shop the mug in which you will want to taste your gourmet dessert!

The mug, partner of our daily life.

Over the years, the mug has become an indispensable object of our daily lives. It is perfect for a moment with friends over a big cup of tea (because between girlfriends we always have a lot to tell!) The mug also accompanies the working sessions: deposited on a corner of the office, it is the undisputed guarantor of a hot drink that warms body and mind and promotes concentration. In the evening, the mug takes place on the bedside table in the room, it collects a herbal tea or an infusion that will ensure a serene night and sometimes a good grog to help fight winter infections!

A warm breakfast with license mug.

For a wake-up call in joy and good humor, the license mug is second to none! Your children will start their day peacefully by drinking their milk or hot chocolate in a cup bearing the image of their favorite hero. They'll stock up on vitamins every morning with Marinette aka Miraculous Ladybug, Spiderman, Iron Man. Toddlers will also claim their mug: the Mugs Hello Kitti or Winnie the Pooh are intended for them. Teenagers will prefer to drink a good latte in a mug like a brand like London or an icon like Marilyn Monroe or Betty Boop. As for you, parents, you will enjoy a good family tea in a personalized mug "super mom" or "the best dad in the world" offered by your children!

Dare to divert the mug from its primary function!

Let's give way to the imagination and make the mug a decorative object par excellence. First question: what would you do with a mug on your desk? A pencil jar of course! In the bathroom, women will be able to store their make-up brushes. And in the lobby? A handy pocket vacuum for dropping off the keys! On the edge of a window, the mug will be an original pot cache for cactus. On the table, it will serve as an aperitif cake display for impromptu parties with friends. Select your favorite mugs from the toons shop and have fun diverting them from their main function to make great decorative items!