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Showing 1 - 48 of 56 items

What's the cushion for?


The many facets of the cushion.

Formerly used by Egyptians to ward off evil spirits, the cushion is now an essential object found in all dwellings. A sort of bag sewn on all sides, the cushion is filled with animal, vegetable or synthetic material. Some use it for its comfort, others only care about its aesthetics.

The cushion, the perfect alloy to relax.

The cushion provides comfort for everyone in all situations. Our elders like to place it behind their backs to ease any pain when our kids love to do duffel battles with it. The cushion is open to every room in the house, but also in the car, at work or in the garden. An ideal object of comfort during reading moments or on the sofa in front of a good film, this small square of fabric like a softie soothes tensions, comforts and brings well-being.

The cushion: the final touch of a neat decoration.

The choice of cushion, its material, its aesthetic is unique to everyone. Sometimes monochrome, red, black, yellow, or multi-colors, like a cartoon character, an actress, a singer, sometimes square, rectangular or with specific shapes like a heart or mouth, the cushion finds its place in all decorations. The choice of material is also very wide: from cotton to polyester through linen, there is something for everyone!


The cushion where the promise of well-being.


Every part of the body thanks the cushion.

In the back, under the buttocks, on the stomach, under the head, on the knees, under the feet, the cushion brings comfort in many everyday situations. The cushion relieves every part of the body and promotes good blood circulation: placed in the back, under the kidneys, it relieves back pain; placed under the head, it participates in the relaxation of the body; placed underfoot, it warms up; placed below the knees, it softens the hard contact of the ground.

The materials and padding of the cushion.

There is as much cushion as there is fabric. From soft materials to stiffer materials, from noble materials to more popular materials, the cushion is adorned with a thousand and one textiles. The padding is now a debate: next to the traditional animal padding (goose feather, duck feather) very soft and warm, we find vegetable padding and synthetic padding, often preferred by allergy sufferers.

The advantage of the cushion will be removable.

The removable cushion is becoming more and more popular. Indeed, the fabric envelope is easily detached from the cushion (often with the help of a discreet zipper) and allows good maintenance of the textile. Often machine washable, the cushion cover washes and dries in a few hours. Like a softie, your child will leave his cushion in the morning and find it clean in the evening!  


The cushion where the deco object par excellence.


The decorative cushion.

Today, the decorative cushion is very popular and adapts to any interior and any season.

In winter, we prefer large soft cushions in warm tones while in summer we will head towards a finer cushion with pep colors. And the choice is vast: embellished with a single color, a landscape, a pretty little cat or in the image of your favorite singer and for the children of their favorite heroes or heroines. The cushion is part of our environment.

Every room in the house is full of cushions!

At the same time decorative object and object of comfort the cushion is found in all rooms: placed on a sofa in the living room, it accompanies the cinema sessions; On a bed, it provides relaxation; In your children's bedroom, he helps with the decoration; on an armchair in the entrance, it is welcoming; in the garden, it protects the knees during gardening sessions or allows you to sit in the grass and enjoy a small improvised snack.

Infinite shapes for ever more trendy cushions.

Next to the classic rectangular or square cushions, discover the round, oval cushions, mouth or heart-shaped cushions for the most romantic. The dimensions are also of all kinds: from the smallest to the largest, it's up to you to choose the cushion that will best suit your expectations.