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House linen 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 76 items

You spend a third of your life, more than 8 hours a day sleeping in your bed, not to mention the little naps during the day. In addition to the quality of the bed, other criteria come into play to ensure a restful sleep. Studies conducted by specialists have shown that bed linen can have a direct influence on the quality of your sleep. That's why it's important that you pay special attention to your bed adornment. This is a determining factor in the comfort of your sleeping.

In the linen category, the Toons boutique offers a selection of items to keep you warm during winter periods or simply to add a touch of originality to your bedroom. You will find in the catalogue different models of bed adornments, whether for children, teens or adults. Discover also the collections of cushions and plaids to complete the décor of your bedroom. In addition, you will find other items on the site to protect yourself from the cold, namely, caps and gloves.


The bed adornments of the Toons shop


During cold seasons, it's important to equip yourself properly. It's time to take out the duvets to keep you warm. In addition to winter, it is always advisable to equip yourself with a small duvet for the other seasons of the year, even in the summer! In addition to being practical, your duvet should look great. That's why you need to equip it with an original cover that suits your taste.

Not all bed adornments are the same! It is important that the fabric is of high quality and that the design is particularly original. The Toons Shop has selected for you the best models of bed linen to put you in a warm cocoon during your sleep while bringing a real plus to the decoration of your room.


Models for the little ones 

Your child has grown up well and can finally say goodbye to his cot. Then it's time to think of original ideas to help him overcome this phase by creating a universe of his own. It's no longer a secret: children love the exciting world of cartoons and everything that comes close to the imaginary world. So what could be better than decorating their bed with a bed adornment bearing the image of their favorite cartoon heroes? This might make your life easier, as you won't have any trouble putting them to bed or convincing them to go to bed!

For little girls, the Toons shop offers a wide range of bed adornments. For example, you can choose minnie Mouse duvet cover and pillowcase. You'll find some models representing this iconic character from Disney animations. The Snow Queen adornment will also plunge your little princess into the wonderful kingdom of Arendelle with Elsa, Anna and Olaf.

Or why not set sail for the Pacific Ocean on Vaana Island? The Boutique des Toons offers a bed adornment bearing the image of Moana, the little rebel of the islands. If your little girl can't do without the ponies, give her a bed adornment depicting the heroes of My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack. Other models are also available such as the Miraculous Ladybug or Barbie adornment.

For little boys, the Toons shop offers bed adornments depicting the most famous heroes like Spider Man, justice league or Avengers. Your little one will also enjoy bob the Craftsman's adornment or The Dinosaur King adornment. If your toddler is passionate about flying gear, he will definitely prefer the Super Wings adornment. Moreover, if he likes to play life rescue missions, Sam the Fireman will be the best option to take. For the biggest fans of manga, the Bakugan adornment will be ideal. Famous Disney characters such as Mickey, Donald and Goofy are also represented on some models of the selection.


Models for teens 

Gone are the days of cartoons! Teenagers are beginning to want to assert their personality and taste through their personal effects. In addition, the bedroom becomes a refuge during adolescence. To please them, choose a bed adornment representing their favorite football club or their favorite movie. The idea is to best adapt the bed adornment to the style of decoration of his room, to the universe to which he belongs, etc.

If your teen is a Potterhead, nothing will please him more than a bed adornment reminiscent of the famous Harry Potter movie. For video game lovers, a Fortnite Dabs bed adornment would do! The Toons Shop also sells a bed adornment depicting the iconic Star Wars movie.

You will have the choice of several variants. If he's a big Champions League fan, why not buy him a Juventus bed adornment? You will also find on the site a model in honor of the famous Real Madrid team! For a teenage horse fan, the Toons shop offers a pink bed adornment, with a beautiful horse in the centre.


Models for adults

For adults, the Toons shop has a collection of bed adornments dedicated to star singer Johnny Halliday. The biggest fans of this icon of French music will certainly fall in love with bed adornments composed of a duvet cover and a pillowcase. For a room decorated with a tropical touch, bed adornment with coconut trees and flamingos with an emoji for a little more fun.

Whichever model you choose, you are guaranteed a quality product. The fabrics have been specially selected to ensure optimal comfort. The duvet covers measure 140 cm - 200 cm.


The original cushions


To add a touch of originality to the décor of your room, choose from the toons shop's selection of cushions. Depending on your bed adornment, you can buy some cushions that fit with the desired atmosphere. For the little ones, you'll find cushions featuring their favorite cartoon characters like Ladybug, Avengers, Mickey Mouse and his friends, Minnie, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Disney Cars, Violetta, Titi, Pat Patrol, Pokémon and many more.

For teens, the Toons store has many models of Avengers, Star Wars cushions and other designs featuring your favorite movie characters. If you want to create a retro 60's vibe in your room, choose from the Betty Boop or Audrey Hepburn collection of items. For a rock vibe, you can opt for cushions with the effigy of the great singer Johnny Hallyday. The Toons shop also offers cushions for your favourite football teams: FC Barcelona, etc. If you're looking for a cushion for your couple's bedroom, check out the heart-shaped LOVE cushion. To vary the pleasures, do not hesitate to mix the styles of cushions between them.


The plaids


Nothing better to warm up from the cold than the inevitable plaid. When temperatures drop, who wouldn't like to curl up in a plaid? It's an invitation to cocooning. But before it is a blanket, a plaid should add to your interior decoration. The Toons shop offers a wide range of plaids for adults and children alike.

You'll discover plaids with prints depicting iconic cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Ben 10, Bart Simpson, Ninja Turtles, Pat Patrol, SpongeBob, Spiderman, Miraculous, LOL Surprise, Cars, Polar, etc. Cozy, hot and stylish, the plaids offered by the Toons shop have something to seduce you. You will also find in the selection some models of towels bath sheets for the little ones.

Whether it's plaids, bed adornment or cushions, the items offered by the Toons shop will be enough to create an original decoration in your bedroom or that of your child.


T-shirts, caps and gloves


Always for the winter seasons, don't forget to equip your child with a cap and gloves. The Toons boutique offers a wide range of models: Hello Kitty, Pucca, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, etc. You will also discover adult hats in the collection. The collection also includes a Marseille visor cap model.

The Toons shop sells a women's t-shirt bearing the image of the famous Marilyn Monroe. This item comes in several sizes and will fit perfectly under your sweater or jacket. In addition, the quality of the fabric will allow you to be perfectly comfortable during the winter.