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Unfortunately, adults and the elderly are not the only ones suffering from back pain. Indeed, there is also an increase in this type of chronic pain in children and the weight of the schoolbags is largely responsible. Increasingly heavy, children's backpacks with all their books and notebooks can quickly exceed 20% of their body mass when they should not exceed 10%. It is considered that a child who weighs 40 kg should not bear a weight of more than 4kg on his back. It is clear that we are often far from the count. Also, to prevent our children from having to carry loads that are too heavy for the proper development of their skeleton, there are solutions and this is particularly the case wheeled binder. What are its advantages? What are the current trends for your daughter? We conducted the investigation in the article!

Wheeled binder: what are its advantages

  Does your child regularly complain of back pain caused by wearing an overly heavy school bag? The wheeled binder seems to be an interesting solution in order to relieve it. Focus on his strengths.

Wheeled binder helps relieve back pain in children

Beyond the fashion effect it can have, this is most certainly one of the main selling points of this type of binder. Thanks to its wheels and retractable handle to pull it like a travel suitcase, this binder frees the child from a heavy weight on his back. Also, the load can then be more consequential since, thanks to the wheels, the feeling will not be at all the same. Your child will be able to store all his school belongings without any worries.

The wheeled satchel allows for versatile use

If this type of binder is distinguished by its wheels and telescopic handle, it should be noted that most models also have straps that allow your child to have a versatile use. When they want to, they can load it on their back, which can be handy for climbing stairs or curbs, for example.

The wheeled binder is all the rage

This last argument is not the most important, you are granted. However, your child will probably be sensitive to it! This type of schoolbag has been in vogue in primary school for several years. Also, in some cases, it can make it easier for your child to integrate among his peers! So here's what brings us to our next survey: what are the current trends in this area?

Girl roller bag: what are the trends of the moment?

Your daughter has been tinging you for several months in order to have her wheeled schoolbag for girls ? Our specialists shed light on the trends of the moment!

Girl's wheeled binder: The colors and patterns put in the spotlight

  While boys are more measured about colours, girls make no secret of their desire to display a colourful binder! And when it comes to colors, they don't do things halfway! The trend is indeed in bright shades such as the famous pink, purple or blue. On the other hand, the patterns are also very fashionable on schoolbags. For girls, these are usually floral motifs or representations of their favorite heroes and heroines.

Girl's wheeled binder: Retro look back in the spotlight

Many had not seen it coming and yet the retro look is back in full force in schoolyards. Eco-friendly and trendy, these bags like no other are usually designed in recycled and durable materials. As for their design, there is something for everyone and your daughter will certainly find her happiness! From the more discreet two-tone model to the flowery range, it will be spoilt for choice.

Girl roller bag: Cartoon heroes are always on board

Finally, cartoon heroes and heroines are timeless and always trendy. Here, Disney princesses are particularly popular with girls (and specifically The Snow Queen) not to mention cult and must-see characters such as Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, the very trendy Trolls and of course the unstoppable Barbie.