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Duvet cover 

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Showing 1 - 73 of 73 items

License duvet covers


The linen, although it is an accessory designed to be useful, it is also a decorative element. In any case, the linen allows you to make room for your tastes, your personality, your originality...

The linen includes bath towels, tea towels but also bed linen: sheet, duvet cover, pillowcases.

The duvet cover is the linen that has the most potential to allow you to express your personality. 

If what I'm telling you seems a little weird, you don't know how to use the duvet cover to give your room a stamp, here's some information around duvet covers, but especially licensed duvet covers.


The duvet cover: namely

The duvet cover, but also more broadly all the bed linen, is a method of protecting your duvet, mattress and pillows.

Night after night, you sleep in your bed and your bed linen allows for quick maintenance and washing of your bed. You don't have to wash the sheet, mattress, pillows every time you want to wash your bed.

Simply changing the bed linen is much easier to clean. In addition, you choose the color, the composition, the size...

You'll find all the qualities, all the prices and all styles. Enough to allow you to find your happiness. And even better, you can turn to licensed duvet covers for even more personalized covers. 


What is a licensed duvet cover?

 A licensed duvet cover is a classic duvet cover, except that it bears a brand.

 When you buy a duvet cover with a cartoon character on it, a Disney character... then you're dealing with a licensed duvet cover.

 Simply put, the seller has been licensed to sell products that bear the mark in question.

 Even with a licensed duvet cover, you can find different sizes, different composition, different colors... It's just another type of cover offering for people who are looking for specific products.

 On this site, you will find a wide selection of licensed duvet covers that can meet your expectations.



Why choose a licensed duvet cover?

 The duvet cover is a decorative element of a bedroom. It allows its host to highlight what he loves, his passion, his hobby...

 As a decorative element, the cover cover allows you to change the decoration of the room at a lower cost.

 For example, if you don't want to do a lot of painting, tapestry... you can leave them neutral and change the cover covers according to your desires, your tastes.

 It's an easy way to change your environment by not doing any big work, or spending large sums of money every time.

 Whereas with a simple duvet cover, if you want to change, you will have to make more effort.

 In practical terms, the licensed duvet cover is a good alternative for decorating enthusiasts.



Who is the target audience for this type of duvet cover?

 If the marks on the licensed duvet covers may have quite diverse origins, you may have a somewhat distorted idea about the audience targeted by these covers.

 It is true that the majority of licensed duvet covers are intended for children since they display cartoon characters, Disney characters...

 However, there are also brands that are not especially designed for children: sports teams, singers, films not especially intended for children...

 All categories of people can find their happiness in the huge amount of licensed duvet covers on the market.

 You can see this yourself by browsing the different duvet covers sold on this site.


What are the rates for licensed duvet covers?

Perhaps you have heard that licensed products are much more expensive than conventional products?

Between the combination of the linen price of the bed, plus the price of the license, you may imagine yourself end up with a bed cover at an exorbitant price.

However, La Boutique des Toons is keen to offer licensed duvet covers at affordable prices. And this, despite the size (for a bed a place or a bed two places), the composition ...

Of course, the development of the selling price also depends on the price of the licence and the basic product. But license does not mean overpriced duvet cover.

But on this site, even the most expensive duvet cover is cheaper than some conventional duvet covers. 



So the duvet covers offer the ability to protect your bed, clean it up easily and let your personality express itself.

On top of that, duvet covers can change the décor of a room quite easily and cheaply. Whatever your taste in covers.

Speaking of cost, licensed duvet covers are not necessarily (much) more expensive than unlicensed covers.