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Girl school bag 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 135 items

The world of girls' school bags on the toons shop!


Since 2008 the toon shop accompanies parents in the quest for the future school bag of their child(ren). Our goal: that every child can find the schoolbag of your dreams ! That's why we work tirelessly to understand the expectations of all the actors around the school bag - namely students, parents and teachers - and thus find the best girls' school luggage at smart prices.

The cartable for girls is a real challenge! Yes, young girls know what they want and especially what they don't want. And the criteria of each of them with regard to the first school accessory are as different as there are young people Schoolgirls...

Exit backpacks girls or others wheeled school bags for ladies, we offer you in this page the classic girl school bag.


What school bag are we talking about?

Let us first describe the product! In this case, let us introduce you to the girl school bag which we promote in this category. This is the rectangular satchel, wider than high, with a flap with one or two clasps tucks. The first official form of the proven school bag with schoolchildren from all walks of life from the last century to the present day.

Let's go back in detail to the distinctive signs that made the success of the school bag.

  • Its elongated shape makes it easy and proper to store school supplies. These are ideally positioned in the bag and thus protected from horns or other deterioration due to lack of space.
  • The flap! A whole program! It is simply perfect for protect school equipment to be carried in the school bag. Notebooks, filing cabinets, books and other kits are safe from bad weather, theft and loss! A beautiful invention reinforced today by a clasp (metal or plastic) called tuck. This safe device is also easy to handle by children's little hands.

Even if the school bag has changed very little in its form since its creation, it has nevertheless been enriched in recent decades. Here are some features of today's school bag:

  • it adopts different dimensions to suit as many people as possible;
  • it hasone or more compartments and often zipped front pockets;
  • it is adorned with a lightweight waterproof fabric ;
  • it offers a padded back panel and wide adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps to improve wearing comfort;
  • it offers most of the time a label has a name (sometimes even a location for a schedule) to customize.

As you will have understood, today's school bag is nothing but our Proust madeleine (as former students) with some improvements... A school bag that is transmitted from generation to generation and embellishes the bond between parents and children.


A school bag for whom?

As you will have understood, in this page, we put schoolgirls in the spotlight. You will find a wide selection of cheap school bags designed especially for girls from 3 to 12 years old - or for kindergarten and primary schoolgirls. These school bags are available in several sizes to adapt to the morphology of each child. We will guide you in the following lines on the choice of dimensions according to the age, level and corpulence of your child.

The girls' school bags on the toon shop adopt all the codes to satisfy the young princesses:

  • girly colors ! Pink, purple, shimmering colors or on the contrary light colors that will match the personality of your daughter;
  • feminine motifs all over the fabric of the school bag. Hearts, rainbows, stars, peas, crowns... too cute;
  • glitter and/or sequins otherwise nothing! With a satchel sparkling with a thousand lights, how to resist!

On the toon shop, each girl student must be able to find the schoolbag of her dreams.


What does our shop offer compared to its competitors?

The toon shop stands out for its desire to offer children, in this case young girls, a reliable, quality, comfortable, aesthetically attractive school bag at a fair price. No matter which school bag your daughter chooses, the goal is to offer it to you at a good value for money.

The quest for exclusivity

Committed to the constant search for new school luggage items, our team travels across Europe to find THE ideal school bag for girls. That's why you'll find on our website exclusive products in France. By buying on our platform, you will have little chance of finding your daughter's schoolbag on the shoulders of one of her classmates on the day of the start of the school year.

Prestigious brands at competitive prices

Kipling, Tann's, Rip Curl: three big names in school luggage known for their universe, their high-end quality and their durability. Three great brands with whom we have been working for more than 10 years. The mutual trust that has been established in recent years between these great licensees and our shop allows us to offer you competitive rates and an efficient after-sales service.

Licenses adored by girls

Our universe remains and will remain the world the license. A universe that makes young and old dream, girls and boys. A large majority of the girls' school bags on the toon shop are from licenses acclaimed by young schoolgirls. Among others, Disney princesses, Pat Patrouille, Bella Sara, Ladybug, ... the list goes on.


How to choose your daughter's future school bag?

This is a question that many parents ask themselves on the eve of the start of the school year. Are there any sizes for school bags ? If so, which one will be suitable for my daughter? Should I invest in a small school bag that I will change every school year or on the contrary in a school bag that will go through the years? Towards which license or mark turn me? Do not panic, we give you some tips to choose the best future school bag of your schoolgirl.


With regard to satchel dimensions, we guide you by specifying the grade level or therecommended age on each product sheet. So you can read kindergarten school bag, CP binder or ideal school bag up to 5 years.

To go further, here is a small summary table of the dimensions of the school bags according to the ages.

      Satchel dimensions

   Recommended age

   Associated level

      Satchel 32 CM

   3 - 4 years

   Small and medium section of kindergarten

      Satchel 35 CM

   4 - 5 years

   Large kindergarten section

      Satchel 38 CM

   6 to 9 years

   CP, CE1, CE2

      Satchel 41 CM

   9 to 12 years

   CM1, CM2


This is an informative table. Of course, you will have to take into account the corpulence of your child as well as the expected supplies in his school bag. For example, prefer a satchel 38 cm for your CM1 schoolgirl if it is fluent and the teachers' requirements in terms of transporting school supplies allow it. On the other hand, consider a 38 cm school bag for your older daughter in the last year of kindergarten who must carry a large format notebook daily in her school bag.

One last indication: for the comfort of your child, it is advisable that the width of his school bag does not exceed the width of his shoulders. To your ribbon meters!

Robustness (number of years)

The quality of the binder must be the subject of special attention. It would be a shame to choose a school bag of poor quality that gives up the soul before the end of the year and deprives your child of an important accessory in his school life. Because we do not play with the serenity of the students (and their parents!), on the shop of the toons we offer you high quality school bags and high-end quality school bags.

Does a school bag change every year? To answer this question, we will highlight two schools of thought. Some parents prefer the taste of the child during the purchase which is generally oriented towards a specific license. This taste varies from one year to the next, they buy a new school bag (for an average budget) at the beginning of each school year. Others prefer the durability and invest in a school bag certainly a little more expensive at the base but who will follow the school career of their child (ren) without any problem.


The licenses for girls make the law on the shop of the toons. For parents who are a little overwhelmed by the new characters who arrive every year in the life of their offspring, it is not always easy to find their way around. But for that, trust your child! By discovering the school bags derived from their favorite animation characters or those of fashionable brands, your daughter will be happy to find the one who will accompany her in her schoolgirl life.


Which school bag do schoolgirls want?

Whether they are very small or already in pre-teen mode, schoolgirls know exactly what they want when it comes to school luggage storage. Their school bag must be in their image. Girls are looking for a school bag that reflects their taste for a color, a brand, a fictional character or an animal.

They also want a piece of luggage that offers them a storage space necessary to transport all their school or personal supplies. Because yes, girls need to bring some accessories (coloring books, small toys, ...).

Young princesses are also sensitive to good handling of the school bag. A good grip, a light and comfortable fabric, an easy to handle clasp are essential criteria for your schoolgirl.

Let's see in detail the most suitable girls' school bags for each age group and level.


The choice of the girl's school bag in kindergarten

Choosing the future school bag of your very young kindergarten schoolgirl is an important step in the life of parents. The goal: to please her princess by offering her a school bag that she will enjoy taking to school daily.

A small section girl school bag

After several years as an accompanying parent in the purchase of the first school bag of their child, we can tell you that the satchel Les Déglingos wins all the votes. All soft, with a nice animal design, it becomes the school blanket of the very little girls.

A medium section girl school bag

In the middle section, girls assert themselves. After the shyness of the first year of school, they are looking for a school bag with the effigy of their favorite character(s) or their favorite animal. The Miraculous Ladybug satchels, Disney princesses or Pat Patrouille are safe bets in second kindergarten!

A large section girl school bag

The schoolgirl of large section of kindergarten also opts for a school bag of women's license as mentioned above. His bag must be large enough to hold more school supplies. The Tann's satchel is part of the preferences for the last year of kindergarten.


The choice of the girl school bag in primary school

Your daughter enters the school of the greats! Joining the primary school is an accomplishment for her (winner of the nursery school) at the same time as the beginning of a new adventure. The choice of the school bag is then an important step.

A girl school bag CP, CE1, CE2

The school bag is undoubtedly the ideal school bag for entry into CP. This is the success of animal school bags. Dogs, cats, horses, ... girls share their love for these adorable beings through their new baggage. In fantastic creature mode, the Unicorn satchel wreaks havoc! The Tann's school bag is also a great success during this school period as well as the Rip Curl license binders, Kickers, Little Marcel, Lola Espelata or IKKS.

A girl binder CM1, CM2

In the second part of primary school, the girls' school bag now measures 41 CM. This is the success of the Kipling satchel and his little monkey in inseparable keychain! Tann's still has many followers too!


It's time for you (and your daughter!) to check out our entire catalog of girls' school bags. You can easily select a license or school level to target your needs easily and quickly. Your daughter's future school bag is necessarily on the toons shop!