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The school bag, a classic in school supplies


The school bag is often used by young schoolchildren. Indeed, the shape of school bags suggests that they are intended for children. For this reason, it is rather rare to see a high school student make use of it. However, it is sometimes difficult to choose between the schoolbag and the backpack for your little schoolboy.


What to choose between binders and backpacks?                      

The use of Binders for the transport of luggage goes back to a fairly distant time. Indeed, as of the 20thE century, it was already quite common to see schoolchildren using the schoolbag. But in recent years, it has tended to be abandoned for its main competitors, notably the wheeled bag and the backpack. Indeed, for some time, the binder is much less used. Parents and schoolchildren prefer backpacks and wheeled school bags. Indeed, they have a much more modern look. However, the schoolbag is still relevant and remains a fairly robust school bag adapted to the needs of the little ones.


The school bag, always useful for schoolchildren

Long before the arrival of backpacks, the Binder served as a means of transport for school supplies. So far, this is still the case, even if it is not used by all. The Binder has many advantages. For this reason, some parents prefer it to other types of bags. Indeed, it offers a certain ergonomics, moreover, it is rather light and easy to move. School bags are generally very strong and comfortable enough for sustainable use. Thus, for the primary school, the school bag remains the best.


Choose a cheap school bag for your child at the start of the school year

It is already not easy to reserve means to prepare for the start of the school year for children. But with the little money we could put aside, we would have to at least choose quality materials so that the child could go to school with serenity and finish the year with it. Choosing the right notebooks, the right pens, the right kit and all the other accessories is already proving to be a real laborious journey, the big question then arises, what will you choose to carry all your school belongings on the way to School? It is therefore necessary Choose a binder resistant for children. Many prefer backpacks, but wrongly.

Indeed, backpacks are not always all the ergonomics and comfort needed at the back but also with regard to storage. The Binder may prove to be well-stocked with buying arguments. But we would still have to choose one that is quality and cheap, it goes without saying. But you'll certainly wonder why you should choose a cheap binder. Well, in a few points you will quickly understand why choosing a cheap binder and how to choose the right durable binder that's perfect for your child.


Why buy your child a school bag?

Yet widely used in the past, the binder was quickly replaced by the backpack in the image of sports and leisure bags. The fashion effect has contributed to this and reduced the use of Binder. But the real question is whether you want what's fun or what's good for your child. The majority will certainly answer "both." But yes, the Binder laboutiquedestoons.com is the only one to offer you a compromise between the useful and the pleasant.


  • The binder is super resistant

Parents are in the best position to know the major disadvantage of the majority of backpacks: they do not have the ergonomics and depending on the type of child who will wear it, they can be abused and finish the school year in a tragic state, which is really annoying, when we have little means and they have cost us a significant sum. The Binders unlike the others have an amazing solidity. They are so resistant that you buy them only for fashion. This solidity, they owe it to their particular structure.

The cheap schoolbags that we offer have for the most part hyper-enhanced seams that ensure them safety and robustness. Many seams of reinforcements, both on the outskirts of the Binder inside and on the straps, not to mention the rivets that solidify the straps of the binder for a solidity.

Gone are the straps that fall before the end of the year and the bags that tear because, still, in terms of fabric or coating, the strongest are at the level of the Binders.


  • The Binder is ergonomic.

It is usually said that Binder damage to the backs of children, but are these not accusations that are a little too much? If we loaded the simple backpacks to block, wouldn't they have the same effect? The "attitudes" or scolioses caused by Binders are actually caused by the overflow of school supplies they contain.

The binders are actually very ergonomic, that is, designed to reduce the effort and pressure on the shoulders. With straps covered in wraparound foam and a quilted back, these binders give your child comfort and lightness. In addition, in case of fatigue, an ergonomic quilted and super-strong handle is provided to hold them in hand without risking the tear.

Other binders even provide for wheels that give a whole new level of ease of transport. With their two small wheels and their extendable handles, the wheeled schoolbags no longer give cause to care about the quantity and weight of the school supplies they may contain.


  • School bags are cheap on laboutiquedestoons.com

The toons shop is a site specializing in the sale of quality equipment with a wide choice of models so that the child can choose the schoolbag of his dreams. This is one of the few sites to present you with cheap schoolbags and wheeled schoolbags quality and breathtaking variety, all at prices defying all competition.

Our prices are designed so that everyone can find their own way; for that no worries to worry about. A wide range of cheap schoolbags designed with high-quality, high-quality material. While to find a good binder for your child, you will pay in the 50 euros on the other places, well, at us at the Boutique des Toons, you find your account from only 19 euros, or even less during promotional operations.

You will not deny that price is your primary concern

That's why La Boutique des Toons is also concerned about the anxieties you face about the means you have and the choices of the right, durable and durable material that will allow your child to complete their school year, and why not the next one, in peace.

There's nothing more annoying than watching the bags pass during the school year when they were brand new, or buying a bag that doesn't suit your child. That's why we guide you in your choices so that you get the right bag that will combine taste and strength. 


Consider your child's size, class and age

The choice of binder that some people apprehend with a certain lightness is not actually easy. It is important to make sure that you choose the cheap binder that suits your child perfectly, that will be durable and finally that will please him as naturally. That is why there are a number of important things to consider.

When you want to choose a Binder for the child, it is more than crucial to take into account his body size and age. Yes you would not like to see your kindergarten child carry around a bag that is almost the same size as him, or buy a roulette bag Hello kitty to your college son? Surely not. Fortunately there are Binders for all grade levels.


  • Cheap schoolbags for kindergarten children

Kindergarten children are the youngest and their Binders can be likened to commutes between home and school. Their schoolbags must be able to hold their snacks and drawing papers without forgetting their best friend, the softie to which they are very often attached and cannot do without it. They must be between 28 and 36 centimetres wide. For fun, the little ones like cute cartoon characters on their binders like Kickers or Princess. 


  • Cheap schoolbags for children Primary school.

Being a little older, elementary school children are often the most playful and need this to be a little stronger binders. At CP everything is still light, but from the Elementary Court, to the middle classes, the number of subjects increases considerably with all the exercise booklets to be transported from home to school. That's why they need a Binder larger and more equipped.

But again and most importantly, their Binder must be stronger than ever not only to withstand the pressures of their natural agitation, but also to withstand the overflow of school supplies they are usually full of. For those, moreover, it is often advisable to prefer roulette bags.


  • Cheap schoolbags for college students

It's hard to see a middle school kid banging a backpack with cute designs on it. The students of the college already want to assert themselves and being already in the middle of adolescence, they prefer binders with the heroes of their cult series on it, like Chica Vampiro, Soy Luna, or that of their favorite football club. On this point, the trend often leans towards European stars like Real Madrid with its legendary coach Zinedine Zidane or FC Barcelona with its legend Lionel Messi. College students usually have many subjects on the program and therefore need a bag that is spacious yet stylish. And in that very sense, they often prefer wheeled schoolbags.


  • Why don't you get a cheaper school bag for yourself?

Whether it's also for children or anyone, school bags are important and can validly replace your work case or help you carry even documents. Plus, you benefit from their longevity.


Consider your child's gender to find a school bag that will please.

It is also important to consider your children's tastes before buying them a cheaper school bag. Unless you want your child to refuse, don't go buy a girl's school bag and give it to a boy, his friends will certainly laugh if he's in college. That's why we offer you school school bags girls and cheap boys school school bags.


  • Cheap girls school bags

Girls have their own tendencies, they generally prefer floral patterns or prefer specific colors like pink. Like the boys who are often attached to their favorite football club (for those who are football fans of course), they greatly appreciate objects bearing the label of their favorite cartoons like The Snow Queen. Whether in roulette bag or in Binder, Smiley articles are very popular with young college students. 

But still attached to their favorite Disney Channel stars, the girls also love schoolbags like Monster High or Minnie

Anything that comes close to Disney princesses or the snow queen is always a success. The fairy bell, although spun, always delights and can really please your little girl as well as your young schoolgirl who will surely prefer the license Litle Marcel. For your little girls in kindergarten and elementary school, not too much to worry about, a good schoolbag Minnie or Winnie will suffice, but that still does not exclude the other school bags girl in the image of Disney stars if she herself is a proven fan.

Girls' favourite colors are sky blue, pink and purple. Taking all these parameters into account, you are sure to choose a good cheap girl school school bag on the Toons Shop.


  • Cheap Boy School School Bags

For boys still in their infancy like kindergarten and some elementary school kids, Mickey is still a real idol, a kind of superhero for them, so buying them a Mickey Mouse school bag or Cars would be the best choice to make . Any other choice would always be possible since the little ones do not have too many requirements. On the other hand, your young college boys love high tech for sure and a "Transformers" bag would be welcome so they can start their school year. The majority are football fans and whether it is PSG or The Real Madrid of Christiano Ronaldo or the Barca of Lionel Messi and Neymar their favorite club, they will find their account in our shelves at prices defying all competition.

But it's not just Football in the spotlight, basketball is also represented with Wap Two school bags, New York Yankees or Redskins not to mention the flagship license of the star wars moment. Boys, especially young college students in their teens, like dark colours and often tend to prefer bags without too many almost unicolored patterns such as the US Marshall schoolbags or the little purple bag of KICKERS brand.


Choosing a good bag cheap for your child also means taking fashion into account.

Buying your child a fashionable school bag is important because he will feel comfortable and will be happy to be at school every day with his school bag and all his friends, because he will feel appreciated and nothing better than that for to focus more on their courses. It's not bad actually to allow your kids to be fashionable from time to time as some parents think. Being fashionable allows the child to blend in and avoid the mockery that traumatizes children and prevents them from focusing on the essentials: their lessons. So don't hesitate to buy your child a Binder which is fashionable. When it comes to fashionable schoolbags, we have licensed schoolbags and roulette bags more than 150 brands.


  • Licensed school bags

You are certainly wondering what this is all about. Some firms or companies may authorize another firm that manufactures school luggage to make Binders using the image of the first one. This is called licensed items. The binders thus made are not as always at the same price as those made without a license, I think you guess the reason. But don't worry, the majority of Binders that we sell and that we presented above are mostly licensed binders negotiated at the best rate, so they are not more expensive.


  • Cheap wheeled bags in fashion

To alleviate the suffering caused by overloading a binder, manufacturers have developed a range of wheeled schoolbags. Inspired by wheeled travel bags conceptualized by a former airplane pilot, schoolbags rollers quickly spread and quickly became the most popular school school school bag model. With many advantages that are mainly due to its ease of transport, the wheeled binder is now the favourite of children. It avoids problems with lordosis and other back problems, because when school supplies are too full, the bag can be easily carried by pulling it to the ground using the small wheels of the binder.

But some parents are still skeptical about wheeled schoolbags, not least because these binders would be dirty, according to them, since the child dragging him to the ground, when he wants to put him on the back, he will soil his clothes with it. But this is not the case wheeled schoolbags which we sell on the Toons shop, these are equipped for the most part with wheel cover that avoids the inconvenience of dirt.

Buy a cheap binder that matches your child's expectations. Girl school bags, boy school school bag, or wheeled binder, whatever binder you're looking for, you'll find your account on laboutiquedestoons.com. Quality, durability and subtlety, all at promotional prices, throughout the year...

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