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Our Betty Boop products: a wide choice for the whole family!


Betty Boop and her world fascinates! Indeed, character created during the interwar period: this liberated woman manages her life with an iron hand. Easy to identify with the latter, it entered the hearts of women in no time. But Betty Boop is still appreciated right now. Although women are much more liberated, nowadays Betty Boop is still an admired character! And we know that many of you are a fan of this heroine. That's why we're going to tell you about our collection of Betty Boop products. Ready to know more?


Betty Boop: a bit of history...


Betty Boop has been around for years, if not decades. And if it's not a famous person, it's a well-known character who has been able to make a name for himself. But Betty Boo is a cartoon character who appeared in the 1930s.

At the time, it was rather rare to see a female heroine on the small screen. Indeed, most of the time, they were men. Nevertheless, Betty Boop breaks the codes: in fact, in addition to being a woman, she keeps a sensual and sexy side. It has become a true sex symbol of the golden age of American animated films.

She will evolve throughout her life, but it should be known that Betty Boop will have false airs to Marilyn Monroe, who was also a real celebrity of her time. This cartoon character knows how to adapt to his time and the way of life of each.

You should know that Betty Boop is not necessarily reserved only for children. Indeed, with its flirty airs, adults greatly appreciate this colorful cartoon character. She is a real liberated woman, something that was unthinkable at the time. Indeed, in the 1930s, women were at home, while men struggled to support the family.

Nevertheless, in comics, Betty Boop has had much less success. But it may have caught up now. Indeed, it is possible to meet many people who strongly appreciate The Betty Boop comics.


A character in constant evolution!


Created in the 1930s, Betty Boop's character has evolved over the years and eras:


  • As soon as she appears Betty Boop makes a smashing entrance on the small screen.

Indeed, she strongly resembles the singer Helen Kane, who herself inspired her style of Baby Esther. Betty Boop is the star of her own cartoon.


  • But the outfit will remain more or less the same over the episodes and years.

Indeed, Betty Boop is dressed in a sticky sleeveless and rather short sleeveless dress. So it keeps a real pin-up image. To keep her image as a seducer, Betty Boop has a hairstyle with curly hair. These lashes are raised with mascara. So these eyes are oversized. In addition, she wears a garter on the upper left thigh.


  • But she couldn't keep her look long.

Indeed, the Hays code in the United States will implement new rules that will allow other values to be conveyed in cinema. It goes without saying that this new code has had a real impact on Betty Boop, her look, but also her series.


  • When censorship falls, Betty Boop becomes a single housewife.

Her romantic relationship with her dog is also suppressed.


  • The dress is also modified:

the latter is lengthened to the knee, not to mention the fact that the sleeves are also added. There are fewer curls on his head, while the garter is removed.


  • The themes of the series are also very different:

indeed, we will talk less about seduction or sexuality, for example. Note also that the introduction of each episode is deleted since i is seen as too sexy by the Code Hays.


  • During the episodes, Betty Boop will still have some companions.


As you can see, Betty Boop is a character who has been able to cross eras, although it is not necessarily simple, with the arrival of the Hays code.


Betty Boop: a feminist character first and foremost?


But as you must be asked, Betty Boop is indeed a feminist character above all. Do you want to know why? This is what we will discover together in this part:


  • Betty Boop is a free woman:

indeed, as soon as she arrived on the small screen and on the big screen Betty Boop was able to assert herself as needing people. In addition, she represents different women: a singer's shot, the time after secretary. As you can see, Betty Boop has more than one string to her bow. Moreover, in terms of her outfit, no one dictates to her what to wear or not to wear. And it must be admitted: at the time, Betty Boop was a real provocative character defending the cause of women.


  • She's a woman who likes men, even if she doesn't say it:

indeed, Betty Boop has always been torn between her freedom and her fetishization for men. It is therefore a complex character that is particularly appreciated because it raises real questions. It should also be noted that Betty Boop is no exception: ill-intentioned men spend their time looking at her as well.


  • Because she dares to shout loudly "me too."

Indeed, she does not allow herself to be bullied, throughout the episodes. On the contrary, Betty Boop wants to show that she is truly a woman who can live alone. In other words, it will emancipate itself.


  • She has a real legacy of girl power.

Indeed, Betty Boop really wanted to break the codes so that women could take power. According to the cartoon character, a woman can live without men, but above all the right to live without asking anyone's permission. She really wants to show that women are not a weak sex contrary to what could easily be demonstrated.


Over the years, men fantasized about Betty Boop, while women admired her. Indeed, since its appearance, this character has found a place in the hearts of the spectators. Every woman could end up as Betty Boop!


Our Betty Boop products: find your happiness!


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For both young and old, we have a number of items for the office. Yes, even while working you can have your favorite heroine in front of your eyes:

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