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Backpack 1 compartment 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 155 items

A backpack 1 compartment to accompany young and old

With the back to school approaching, comes the time to choose the school supplies of your child but also his new one backpack ! If replacing it is not necessarily a necessity each year, the needs vary according to its class and its morphology. In this article, our specialists enlighten you about the backpack 1 compartment: who is it made for? Which class is it suitable for? How to choose it? What are the trends for girls and boys? You'll know it all!


Backpack 1 compartment: who is it made for and for which class is it suitable?

Depending on your child's class, the needs in terms of storage and backpack capacity are not the same. Also, the backpack 1 compartment generally more modern and more fashionable does not correspond to all cases. Who is this backpack model made for? Which class is it best suited for? Decryption and explanations.


The student backpack: a range adapted to middle and high school students 

When your child is in primary school, it is generally recommended to choose a backpack with 2 or more compartments. Indeed, in addition to storing his few school belongings, he will also have the opportunity to store his snack or a change for the day. At the beginning of the middle school and then in high school, needs evolve and, even if school supplies and books are generally numerous, a single compartment is usually enough to accommodate everything necessary provided of course to be well organized. In addition, this type of backpack is more modern and more fashionable. At this age, your child will become more and more concerned about his appearance and style!


How to choose your backpack with a single compartment?

Apart from the number of compartments of your child's backpack, it is also important to consider different other criteria when choosing the right model. Here's what you need to pay attention to.

The ergonomics of the backpack

Your child will have to carry their backpack on their shoulders the vast majority of the time. Also, it is essential to select a backpack that he certainly likes, but that is also comfortable and pleasant to carry. Otherwise, it could develop back problems and affect the proper development of its skeleton in the growth phase. There are many models of 1 compartment backpack and it is important to take the time to choose one that is really suitable for your child. Note that the size of the bag should not exceed that of the back in order to preserve the spine.

The strength of the backpack

Once your child's growth has stabilized, you will in principle no longer need to renew his backpack every year! However, in order for it to keep it as long as possible, it is important to choose a solid and durable model even if it means paying more for it initially. When choosing your child's backpack, look at the thickness of the fabric and the quality of the materials. Also, do not forget to check the strength of the zipper which will be put to the test over the years. Some brands also guarantee the zipper of their models up to 30 years as is the case of Eastpak for example.

The waterproofing of the backpack

In order for your child to keep their belongings in good condition, it is also best to choose a backpack that is waterproof. In this way, in case of rain, his notebooks and books will be preserved. Be aware that it is also possible to waterproof the backpack after the fact.

The practicality of the backpack

Finally, the practicality of the backpack should not be left aside in favor of design. It must meet your child's needs without compromise. He must not only be able to store his belongings there without problems but also find them quickly. Some models offer small inner pockets to store the laptop or keys for example. These little details can sometimes make all the difference.


School backpack 1 compartment: what are the trends for girls and boys?

Depending on the age and gender of your child, the trends are not the same and change quite regularly. Find out what to remember so that he or she is in tune with current fashion.


Backpack trends for girls

For girls, the start of the 2020 school year will once again be colorful! Bright hues and patterns will be honored in middle and high schools. For this, brands compete in creativity and sometimes offer discreet patterns with more pastel hues, sometimes assumed patterns in bright colors.


Backpack trends for boys

If the trend for boys in primary school remains the heroes of cartoons and the motifs with the effigy of their favorite football club, in middle school and high school on the other hand, the look is slightly assailed with a more sober style. The colors are generally more discreet ranging from gray to black through navy blue or dark green. This timeless style has the advantage of going through the years without taking wrinkles!