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Backpack with wheels Girl 

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Showing 1 - 48 of 90 items

The backpack on wheels girls: a must for today's schoolgirls!


In the world of school luggage storage, we ask for the backpack on wheels. A baggage that has been able to impose itself over the years and win the hearts of young schoolgirls. Modern and functional, it meets the aesthetic and practical demand of girls. We can say it: the trolley bag has become the favorite school bag for schoolgirls from kindergarten to college.


From kindergarten to college, the backpack on wheels for girls is making the buzz!

The backpack with wheels is a sensation for girls aged 3 to 15 years. Perfect schoolmate, he easily transports school supplies between home and school. Its main asset: its three port modes ! Yes, girls like change, they like to be able to decide on a day-to-day basis what they will carry but especially how they will transport it. Is the fashion for backpacking? Then they will carry their luggage on their shoulders. The trend is towards the suitcase bag with wheels? The girls will deploy in a jiffy the retractable handle to pull their school bag with ease.


A new walking toy for kindergarten schoolgirls

Because as parents you always want the best for your children, you want to buy a small school bag for your daughter's return to kindergarten. It needs a cute little bag adapted to its morphology, a bag that she will enjoy taking with her to go to school every day. The bag you choose will be his new toy. And what could be better than a backpack on wheels for your kindergarten daughter? A small piece of luggage that she can choose to carry on her shoulders to do like her big sister or tow - like the little pulling toy that she likes to walk in all the rooms of your interior - thanks to the telescopic handle.


The little protégé of primary school students

The primary years mark a transition between the world of early childhood and the world of adolescents. Between the ages of 6 and 10, little girls are looking for each other: they both want to be considered "big" but still desperately need to remain their parents' little one. When the school bag is connoted "baby" with its classic rectangular shape and the backpack is too heavy to carry (yes, the weight of school supplies in primary school is often overwhelming for the backs of our children), the choice of a bag on wheels is obvious for primary school girls. Both trendy by its design and easy to use by its different modes of wearing, it allows primary schoolgirls to easily transport their school supplies on a daily basis and all this with class!


The fashion accessory for middle school girls

With the phone in one hand, the handle of the wheeled bag in the other, the schoolgirls make their trolley bag a real fashion accessory. For them, the backpack with wheels is worn as an accessory which enriches their different outfits. It is then that three profiles emerge:

  • some middle school girls choose a bag with neutral colors, able to combine with their entire dressing room;
  • others prefer it colorful to stand out and display their extroverted personality;
  • a third category of middle school girls swears by branded items and then turns to major brands of school luggage such as Kipling or Rip Curl...  


A girl trolley bag to have the class!

The bag with wheels of the girls stands out from its counterpart on wheeled bag for boys mainly by its colors, themes, patterns and sometimes its functionality. Used at an age when girls need to assert themselves, to display their taste, it is important to choose a baggage that identifies them. Does your little girl love unicorns? A backpack with unicorn wheels will fill her. Is your young schoolgirl a real Disney princess? Head for a snow queen trolley backpack. On our online store, we go daily in search of the best license items for girls. You will probably find your happiness (and that of your daughter!).


Girly colors, glitter, sequins...

How to talk about school luggage for girls without mentioning a girly color panel, glitter or sequins. In short, all these little artifices that participates in the feminization of the wheeled bag. Appreciated at all ages, the shiny fabric, the reversible sequins, the heart keychain or the soft plush one brings to the trolley bag a girly side dear to schoolgirls. Kids love it, moms love it too!


Infinite storage to organize all small school or other affairs

Another important point to consider when buying your daughter's wheeled bag is undoubtedly the storage space. Schoolgirls validate multiple pockets which allow them to store all their belongings. Pencils on one side, notebooks on the other, a pocket for a small accessory, another for carrying a drink, ... The more compartments there are, the more the girls are jubilant!


A bag that contributes to your child's look

And because girls are very attentive to their look (and this from an early age, mom's words!), it is necessary to offer them a wide choice of wheeled bags specially designed for them. Luggage on wheels as functional as it is aesthetic able to bring confidence and confidence to young girls from the first days of school.


Our team of professionals is looking for the best girls' wheeled bags to present them to you throughout the year


Specialist in school luggage storage since 2008, we are committed to offering the best backpacks on wheels girls. Dispatched across Europe, we ask all our relations to find THE trolley bag made for your daughter. A bag that meets the tastes of young schoolgirls and a standardized quality that we tirelessly defend. The whole thing is presented to you at a lowest possible price.


3 major brands of school luggage storage for girls not to be missed!

Among our favorites, three major brands of school luggage: Kipling, Tann's and Rip Curl. Three models of bags essential today. These licenses have managed to stand out by their know-how, their high-end quality and their originality. Each has its own universe. Each one is emulated. Each has its fans.


Girly licenses galore

But our shop is above all the world of licensing. An enchanting space where children and adults like to immerse themselves to discover the latest products from their favorite animated series, their favorite video games, their beloved Disney characters... Come and discover the backpacks with barbie, Disney Princesses, Ladybug, Santoro, Harry Potter and many others on our site.


Make her school year a success with a bag with wheels adapted to her!

Don't forget to take the time to choose the size of your daughter's future backpack on wheels. To help you, the toon shop specifies for each product the dimensions and the ideal school level. All you have to do is dive into the world of the women's trolley bag to find the luggage that will perfectly match your child's expectations. Happy hunting on our shop!