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    How do you choose your child's wheeled binder?

    School bags come in different shapes and styles. To this end, there is a wide range of choices for adults and children alike. However, you would still have to worry about the quality of the bag, but also its characteristics so that it is suitable for its user.

    For the start of the school year, we wonder which bag we should choose for her children. Indeed, between the doctor's recommendations and the quantity of their school materials, one hesitates to choose the binder that they will have to use during this school year, because there is concern that it will not be suitable for them. However, for young schoolchildren, the wheeled binder would be more suitable because it allows them in some way to unload the heaviness of their luggage.

    As the name suggests, the wheeled binder is equipped with wheels that allow it to be carried without having to support it like a backpack. In fact, schoolchildren generally need a fairly large number of school supplies, so the backpack becomes difficult to carry, especially if they are still small. As a result, it represents the best choice as it will allow them not to bear the weight of their luggage. In addition, the wheeled binder is easy to transport from home to school. Just grab the rod and use it as a suitcase.

    A wheeled binder for your child, an ideal school bag for schooling 

    The days follow each other and although they do not always look the same, as the weeks go by, your child gets up every morning to face a new day of school... For our parents, we try to accompany them as best they can during their schooling, helping them to do their homework, listening to them tell us about their days and also, to an important extent by allowing them to have an ideal school backpack, practical, which will not lack style.

    As the years pass, far from the small kindergarten binder with only the snack box, your child's school bag fills more and more with business, notebooks, pens, sports business, textbooks of all kinds, and ends up to reach a weight that is more than substantial. Faced with this, it is then the backs of our children who suffer, it is our children who must, all day long from one room to another, carry on their backs sometimes very tired, a bag of the heaviest, unless you opt for a solution much more pratiq Eu: a wheeled binder !

    School bags are getting heavier for schoolchildren who have back pain!

    If the children's back pain until then could be considered as exceptions, the figures reported by the Ministry of National Education and other health professionals of our children, our schoolchildren are now without appeal. Indeed, more and more of our children of all ages are suffering from back problems of all kinds, when many parents concerned for the health of their schoolchildren are pushing the doors of osteopathy practices in search of solutions for relieve their children's back pain.

    Of course, it would be reductive to instil the idea that only the wearing of a backpack over-loaded is responsible for back pain, low back pain in children, where other factors such as fatigue, physical activity or other factors may be taken into account, however, by lingering on the backpacks of our children, we soon realize that these can cause such pain...

    Back pain of schoolchildren, watch out for their schoolbags!

    In general, in order for a child to bear a weight to bear, a burden without it being harmful to him, it is essential that the latter does not exceed 10% of his weight. Thus, for a child of about 30 to 40 kilos, the weight of the binder should be between 3 and 4 kilos maximum. But the reality is very different... Between the notebooks and binders relating to each subject followed during the day, a more than deserved snack for the time of recess, textbooks of all kinds and sometimes on top of all this, a jog and a pair of sneakers for hours of EPS, as much to say that the weight of a school bag keeps climbing on the scales to eventually reach a weight considered to be completely unreasonable for the health of our children.

    Apart from this overweight, the phenomenon of back pain of our children following their long school days is partly explained also by a poor choice of school bag and even more by the way to wear it. Indeed, by following a more than understandable fashion phenomenon, our children like to put their heavy bags on one shoulder or another, or to pull as much as possible on the straps to wear it as low as possible ... These are all bad habits that can have a very bad impact on their spines. Add to this the choice of a school bag of questionable quality, which would not allow to benefit from an ideal distribution of the weight to be endured and you are faced with the extent of a problem increasingly noticed within schools of France and beyond. The choice of a wheeled binder seems to be most appreciable to your child. A look back at the choice of a roulette bag in order to guide you towards a model that is most suitable for your child's schooling, so that he can enjoy pulling him on the way to school!

    A wheeled bag for our children, the positives of a wheeled binder

    Available from kindergarten to college, roulette bag has been making a name for itself for a few years now, returning to the limelight, much to the delight of the little schoolchildren and the older ones. Available in a multitude of colours, sizes, templates, wheeled binder allows students to have a traction system designed and designed for schoolchildren, so that with the help of a retractable handle, they can be able to move their belongings throughout the school day without having to wear them, support them.

    Focusing on the various positive points offered by the use of a wheeled binder, we are undoubtedly talking about the health benefits of our children, who will not have to bear, physically, the weight of more than substantial school equipment. Thus, in primary school, in particular, your child will be able to continue to grow, as the days go by without suffering serious repercussions. In college, the days will then be much more pleasant, without having to carry a bag full of school books of all kinds when the risks of scolioses and other low back pain are then carefully avoided thanks to the roulette bag...

    Moreover, far from the backpacks of schoolchildren, students who are not very resistant, otherwise subjected to harsh tests, whose straps inevitably always unravel, your child benefits, through his trolley, a quality bag, designed and designed for a very appreciable durability, practical, ergonomic and which, moreover, certainly does not lack style!

    How to choose a wheelie bag for the upcoming school year?

    If you want your child to be able to enjoy the many benefits of roulette bag For the school year, we help you choose the most suitable bag model, meeting your child's unique needs.

    Guarantees of a quality wheeled bag for a schoolboy

    When you want to have a roulette bag schoolboy, it is necessary to take the time to select, even in the attention to detail, the wheeled binder ideal, meeting your expectations and even more so that of your children. By hastily choosing a model of Trolley without taking the time to check the warranties, ergonomics and even more resistance, you may quickly have to buy back a model when the first one has given in hastily.

    Today, to the delight of children and parents, children roulette bags have nothing to envy the models of the past, when they are developed to allow resistance to all tests (after a child does not always show delicacy, when we also know that a wheeled bag can be dragged on different supports...). With this in mind, we can only advise you to move towards guaranteed wheeled binders, whose resistance has been extensively tested and more, approved!

    What size of wheeled binder to choose for my child?

    If the roulette bags today are available in a multitude of models, colors and sometimes take on the airs of the heroes of little girls and boys, wheeled binders are also available in different sizes, in order to be able to meet the expectations and needs of all schoolchildren, from kindergarten to college, through elementary school; there are a wheeled bag for all ages, all sizes, all needs!

    -          A wheeled binder for elementary school : Models of wheeled binders of about 38 centimetres are particularly suitable for students in elementary classes. They then have the size to accommodate the necessary equipment during a school day, when they are designed not to be too bulky and therefore not too heavy to pull on the way to school and in the corridors of School.

    -          A wheeled binder for the end of elementary school and college entrance It is possible to opt for models of roulette bag more than 40 centimetres specifically adapted for fifth graders at the entrance to the college and thus allowing for additional space to have the binders and benefits of textbooks.

    -          A wheeled backpack for college schooling : If your child wants to have a backpack, choosing to move away from the binder that is probably considered too classic, it is quite possible to take advantage of a wide range of wheeled backpacks designed for the delight of teenagers... 

    -          A wheeled backpack for kindergarten : At the dawn of a schooling that is beginning, it is also possible to opt for a wheeled backpack specifically adapted to the morphology of the little ones who should not be reluctant to draw their wheeled backpacks to go and greet their comrades and their mistresses...

    The choice of a wheeled binder, a school bag, is also a story of style!

    Apart from containing the necessities for a busy school day, in order to be able to attend classes, the choice of a backpack, a school bag actually meets a completely different logic, other needs, that of bringing to school, in front of friends and comrades one trendy school bagA wheeled bag that your child will be proud to shoot on the way to school, because fashion is particularly expressed in the playground...

    By allowing you and your child to choose from a wide selection of girls' wheel bags, roulette binders for boys, no doubt that on the day of the school year, your schoolboy should be more than happy to present his new bag to his friends, his girlfriends, like a real fashion accessory that everyone should not fail to envy.

    A wide selection of wheeled binders for girls!

    The day of the school year is not lacking to be special for a little girl, more than eager to discover or find her friends, those who will quickly become the confidants of tomorrow and perhaps even real friends.

    For the pleasure of your little girl, your daughter, your teenager, we have selected through our different models, a wide range of wheeled binders for girls, of all colors, of all materials and when some little girls should be delighted to discover these trolleys in the effigy of their favorite heroines.

    Over the years, for the pleasure of schoolgirls rightly abandoning a classic backpack to prefer a backpack on wheels, you will discover during your navigation many models of roller backpack for girls, one of them should satisfy your teenage daughter...

    A wheeled binder for boys, in the image of their favorite heroes or in masculine tones 

    For the boys, the back-to-school season is not short of an event, the time to enter the classroom, in the courtyard, to find or find his friends. The binder remains an indispensable ingredient to enjoy the best of the new year, to be able to meet the expectations of your child, your son.

    In order for the start of the new year to be as beautiful as possible, we will accompany you as you ask, in choosing the wheeled bag for boys which will quickly become the indispensable accessory of a pleasant and successful school year...

    For the enjoyment of boys of all ages, we allow you to enjoy a wide range of wheeled binders for boys, including the bag you've been hoping for for, your boy, your teenager, about to return to the bench. School...

    Is the wheeled binder suitable for all ages and cases?

    Because we want to allow you to equip your children with the best for the school year about to begin, we certainly could not ignore some objections to the use of a wheeled binder.

    Indeed, if you now know that it is essential to choose a wheeled bag good templates so that the latter is not too heavy to pull, it is also important to know that the choice of a roulette bag on the other hand, it is not specifically suitable for children, students carrying out their school years in an institution with a multitude of stairs unless the child carries the wheelie bag on his back.

    Indeed, for a wheeled binder or of an indisputable quality to cushion the shocks of the bearings on the stairs, the latter will have to be equipped with a traction system relatively heavy to carry - something for which its use is not designed. As a result, repeatedly rolling a trolley from one floor to another can be particularly detrimental to the longevity of the model, so the child will have to wear the wheeled binder on his back. However, the weight of the wheeled binder must not be excessive because you will understand, the first idea of a wheeled binder is not to carry the business of schools too heavy.