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    Showing 1 - 40 of 76 items

    The story of Pierrot...

    This little guy from the top of his 6 years go in first grade next fall, the list of school supplies is in his hands, he is ready for the obstacle course, buy all the supplies, pens, notebook, Binder, shirts, agenda, Eraser, pencil, felts, etc.

    But what interests him most is the choice of her school bag, fan of Star WarsHe would love to be able to walk the path of the school with a true binder of super heroes in the likeness of his favorite hero. Pierrot makes shopping with her parents in a supermarket near his home but can't find his happiness in the selection of the binder. His parents have so the idea of watching on the web if their little might find a model that would suit him.

    Parents go so on Google, they type on the search engine "book bag skateboard Star Wars" then click on the menu google Shopping, and here's the revelation, there are not less than 36 models, course is their small Pierrot finds his school bag for sure.

    Pierrot is wonder in front of the wide choice of models proposed on Google Shopping, thanks to the advice of his parents, he will finally choose a backpack on wheels solid with a removable trolley backpack.

    The first day of school, Pierrot is proud to take his Star Wars trolley at school it's sure his model will be jealous in the playground.